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3 Reasons to Shop Kids Consignment


We’ve always been big fans of shopping (and selling) on consignment!  Let’s face it, the kids outgrow clothes quicker than they can eat a cupcake on most days.  So when it comes to play clothes or seasonal items that won’t be worn very long, I like to save money and find good, used clothes.

If you’ve never shopped at a kids consignment sale or consignment store, consider these 3 great reasons to try it this year!

1.  Consignment is Earth Friendly!

This is probably the biggest reason that I still shop consignment (and also sell on consignment).  I HATE to think of things being thrown away, especially anything that still has more use left in it.  Reusing items instead of buying new is a great way to ‘be green’ – not only saving them from the landfills but also not encouraging the constant production of new items that use up additional resources.


2. You can’t Beat the Prices

This is the reason I started shopping consignment, but I will say you need to find some good places to shop.  Most consignment sales and stores have really good pricing for their items – and many times you’ll find barely used items that are 50 – 70% what you would pay at a retail store.  Think about how your own kids use items –

that beautiful holiday dress that’s worn maybe twice and then outgrown;

the tricycle that’s ridden for a few years;

the sports equipment that’s used for one season and then put aside

— there’s really not much wear-and-tear put on many of the items our kids use.  Maybe it’s been used a little, but so many items are still in great condition so why not pay less for it! 


3.  A Large Variety in One Location

The main reason to shop consignment sales over garage sales is the variety that you can find in one place.  Not just a variety in multiple sizes for clothing, but also additional items such as toys, books, sports equipment and baby needs (strollers, high chairs, etc.).  And having lots of things in one location will also save you gas money and time.


What do you think — do you shop consignment?