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Getting Kids Involved with School Fundraisers with Labels for Education #Labels4Edu #cbias

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I know, we all dread them — the annual requests for fundraisers.

Just this past week, I’ve received notices about the middle school fundraiser, the choir fundraiser, the Senior class fundraiser and a fall fundraiser.

I’m all for helping the schools to raise money but my time is limited and I don’t like to continually ask family and friends to support these causes (heck, they all have kids too).

BUT, there is one fundraiser that I can get behind 100% —

because it doesn’t cost me any additional money or time

AND the kids can do it all on their own!


Campbell’s #Labels4Edu is a super easy program where families and neighbors can earn ‘free stuff’ for their schools!

With the Labels for Education program, all you do is collect UPC codes from participating products and turn them in at your school. See, easy-peasy and no writing a check.  In fact, if you have neighbors who don’t have kids, they’d probably help save labels for you to send in too.


Getting Kids Involved in School Fundraisers

First, let’s address the issue of getting the kids involved. It’s important for kids to understand that helping the schools is a FAMILY commitment.  It’s not something Mom & Dad should do on their own — there’s always a way for the kids to be involved.

One of the things I love most about the Labels for Education programs is that STUDENTS are the ones who can do most of the work.  They can help cut and collect the labels.  Schools can have them sort and count labels (counting — what a great activity for math class!)  And some schools even have the kids choose which items will be earned!

It’s important for kids to understand the whole “money doesn’t grow on trees” concept.  All those art supplies, PE items, iPads and computers cost money.  Supporting your school means helping to take care of these items so they last and assisting in earning or replacing items.

By having the kids to assist with fundraisers at school, we are building their skills:

Asking other adults to help collect labels or UPCs improves their communication skills. 

Cutting the UPCs off boxes and labels helps them work on fine motor development.

Being the one to collect the labels instills a sense of responsibility.

And delivering the labels to the correct spot at school helps kids to learn about following through on commitments.

Plus, the kids have much better eyes than us adults — they can spot the labels from a mile away and will say “Hey Mom, don’t reycle that can until I cut off the UPC!”


 labels for education store #shop

And when I say there’s no extra time commitment on your part, I mean it!  During my weekly (ahem…ok, every-other-day) trip to Target, I easily had 8 items with UPCs for the program in my cart. 

I stopped in the Back to School section to grab some of those mechanical pencils the kids love.  And then headed to the grocery area for soup, cereal, drinkable yogurt and salsa.  With 2,500 participating products in the program, you’ll find something in almost every section of the store.


labels for education products #shop

Didn’t even have to plan for it since these are things we eat all the time (can you tell our family likes salsa?  Got the BIG bottle so I won’t need to buy it for at least another week 😉


What can my School earn?

Schools can turn in their points and choose items from an online catalog — things like basketballs, calculators, playground items, markers, crayons, pencil sharpners and iPads. 

Schools can also earn field trips and even a mini-van!  I know!  How cool would it be to help the school get a few iPads or send the kids on a field trip this year.


Which products include Labels for Education UPCs?

TONS of items — more than 2,500 products are included on the list!  In fact, there were a few I’d never known about before this campaign.  Things like Campbell’s soups, Post cereals, Danimals yogurt, BIC writing items and Pepperidge Farms products.  Yep, I’m sure you have at least a half-dozen of these labels sitting right in your pantry or fridge!


How do I help my School earn free stuff?

Now this is the super-duper-can’t-be-easier part! 


labels for education getting kids involved #shop

1.  Have the KIDS look for the Labels and UPC codes on the boxes, cans and containers of participating products 

2.  Cut off those UPCs and bonus labels


labels for education points #shop

3.  Collect the labels – we put ours in a bowl on the counter and then bag them up to send to school

4.  Send them off to school with the kids!

Most schools have a drop-off box in the front lobby, at the office or can turn labels into their classroom teacher.


A Few Money-Saving Tips

First, be sure to grab some great coupons before heading to the grocery store this week!  The Labels for Education website offers savings on your favorite Campbell’s soups, Post cereals and Plum Organics products.


campbells labels program #shop

Have the kids look for ‘bonus’ points on packages!  You can see that our Danimals drinkable yogurt box has both the UPC and the bonus label — but them both off for extra points!


And schools can also enter an amazing Sweepstakes too — 1000 Schools will Win $1000!

Anyone can enter their school to win one of a 1,000 grants — just another way to help the school earn items they need and love quicker!


Does your school collect Labels for Education? 

You can check on the website to see if your school is registered — and if you don’t find it on the list, mention the program to your principal to get them involved this year!


And for more great ideas on building Life Skills for Kids, check our Pinterest board: