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Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport: The Best Phone for Active Moms & Dads


I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Sprint. I received a sample device to facilitate this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.


You know when the stars seem to align and a few things just fall into place at the right time.  Well, that’s just what happened when we received our newest Sprint item to review this month.



The Best Phone for Active Parents

You see, my family has decided to run a 5K together. 

We are a pretty active bunch – we love to hike, canoe, swim and get outdoors quite a bit.  So the newest idea was “let’s do a race as a family”. 

Now, if you’re a runner (like my husband) or young like the kids, a 5K is a breeze.  But, if you’re Me (and haven’t been a runner since you were 16), it’s definately more of a challenge 😉

One not-so-great knee, two kids who can easily outrun me and less than 3 months to train – I so needed inspiration!

Enter the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport, a great phone for anyone who loves to be active (oh yea, that’s us!).  As part of the Sprint Ambassador Program, I get to test and review a few Sprint devices this year.  And this smartphone is just perfect for any parent who values health and fitness in their lifestyle.

First, the phone totally FEELS different.  It’s lighter than my Galaxy 4 and has this great knubby texture on the back of the phone.  These were really nice features for a phone used during walking/running – easy to hold and adjust for music.  

Oh, and it’s water resistant!  A must for any tech item you use during a workout and with the horrible hot weather this past month, I’ve definitely put it to the test.


Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport smartphone

Gorgeous screen — makes you want to go for a walk, right!


A few of the features I really LOVE on the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport —

  • the MapMyFitness app let’s me track my workouts whether I’m walking, running or doing yoga.  You can track duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation and how many calories you burn (so you know if you can have that extra cookie later 😉 

This is a great one to have when you’re running on trails and not really sure about the distance or elevation.  There’s also an interactive map too.


Best smartphone for runners

  • The Activtiy Zone app is SUPER cool!  It has a stopwatch, compass (great for hiking) and super strong flashlight — I frequently walk in the evenings so the light comes in handy now that it’s getting dark earlier.


Touring College campuses

  • a 16-megapixel rear-facing camera Zero Shutter lag and a flash (I’m a huge picture-taker with my phone so an amazing camera is a must!

We were touring college campuses last month and I snapped this photo of my youngest who read a book as she walked the tour.  I know, pretty talked and she never walked into anything 😉  Had I thought about it, I should have tracked the number of steps we walked on the tours — it felt like a 1,000!

  • it’s water and dust resistant which again is a HUGE advantage for a smarphone (and a must if you have kids)

And with the Sprint Framily Plan, you’ll get 3 months free of Spotify with TONS of music to get you psyched for your workouts and runs!  The phone also runs on the Sprint Spark network for enhanced HD video quality.

I really think the best thing about the phone is to have everything on one device — your phone, music and fitness equipment (like stopwatch and GPS) all in one spot!  It makes it so convenient to just grab one thing before you head out to exercise.  And also have your previous data in one place so you can see that you’re closer to reaching those fitness goals.

Me?  I’m 5 minutes closer to my goal for the 5K — and proving to my kids that I can keep up with them and meet a challenge!