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Create a Summer Fun List

It’s that time of the year again – summer is almost here and we all have dreams of long, relaxing days when the kids can kick back and ‘just be kids’ again!  As you begin to get ready for summer, I want to encourage you to create a Summer Fun List!

Types of Summer Fun Lists

Some people call this a ‘Bucket List’ and others call it their ‘Summer Activity Guide’.  Whatever you decide to name it is up to you!  The main idea is to get a list of activities, books and places to visit all in one place — and most importantly, get the kids involved in generating ideas on what they hope to do this summer!

You can create many types of lists – we’ve collected 40+ examples on our Pinterest ‘Summer Bucket List’ board

Do what’s best for your family

  • Maybe it’s a list that’s hand-written & stays on the fridge for when the kids are whining “there’s nothing to do” 🙂 
  • Some families list activity ideas, cut them into strips, place all the strips in a bucket and then choose one out each day. 
  • Jen at Tatertots & Jello has an amazingly creative idea for your summer fun list           (along with printable cards)!

Summer Fun Ideas & Activities

Wondering what to put on your list??! 

And Kelly at Little Wonders’ Days not only has a very colorful summer bucket list – but also a link to other lists that will help you generate a ton of ideas!  

Little Wonders' Days

And make sure the list is something you can add to throughout the summer as more ideas come up!

A little planning goes a long way – enjoy!