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Today we are focused on ways to Discover & Explore Art!

Art is as much about the process as it is the product — in fact, sometimes it’s all about the process for kids.  Being able to create with different mediums and materials is great way to ehance your child’s appreciation and love of art.

And it’s important that we allow that creation to take place naturally without a lot of directions or restrictions.  Which is why I love to bring art outdoors!

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My daughter was in her first play this past weekend (she was a swan with a beautiful costume).  And as is the custom with many performances, we brought her flowers on her first night. 

They were pink, deep purple and orange — she’s a kid that loves bright things — and as she rearragned the flowers each day (because that’s what kids do when they get their own flowers), she noticed a number of things. 

Sometimes the flowers were limp and sometimes the stems were very firm.  The color in the orange flowers faded quickly while the pink and purple flowers retained their color.  And some flowers turned brown and had petals fall off earlier than others.

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