25 Outdoor Activities that Kids Can't Resist

Let's face it, no matter how much we'd LOVE for the kids to spend more time outdoors , sometimes it's an uphill battle -- especiall if you don't have just the 'right' outdoor activities the kids will love.

"But Moooom, it's too hot." (can you hear the whine in that -- oh yeah)

"There's nothing to do outside."

"But I'd rather do {insert any indoor activity that can't be taken outside} -- except for their chores ;)

And I get it -- sometimes it is too hot or too boring -- but not anymore! 

Share some of these awesome ideas with them and the kids will be BEGGING you to spend more time outside. 


The Best Outdoor Activities for Kids

25 Awesome Outdoor Activities for Kids

Most of these activities are easy to do in your own backyard and will keep the kids entertained for hours -- you'll find ideas for toddlers to teens on the list!  And we've included affiliate links for a few items we love to have on hand along with a few free printables that will get kids excited to hit the great outdoors right now :)


Catch Fireflies at Night

Let the Kids Create an Obstacle Course -- Kitchen Floor Crafts

Set up an Outdoor Reading Nook -- Growing Book by Book

Float Ice Boats down a Tin Foil River -- Reading Confetti

Let them go crazy with a Giant Inflatable Bowling game

Make your own Sprinkler -- Fantastic Fun & Learning

Go on a Critter Hunt -- Rain or Shine Mamma

Make a super Outdoor Tent area -- Rhythm of the Home


Shoot off Water Rockets

Paint a Walking Stick (and then take a hike with it!) -- The DIY Dreamer

Grab a camera for an Photo Scavenger Hunt -- Go Explore Nature

Introduce them to Lawn Darts

Blow up an Outdoor Volcano -- The Measured Mom

Set up a Wrecking Ball activity -- Adventures at Home with Mum

Create your own Family Name Sign using twigs, acorns & more -- Spoonful


Explore a New Playground {free printable Playground Scavenger Hunt}

Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt -- Honey's Life

Make a Pendulum Painting -- Housing a Forest

Hang a Water Balloon Pinata -- Paging Fun Mums

Let them climb a tree (they may not want to come back downfor a while)

Have a Lightsaber Popsicle duel -- Joy of Boys


Start a Mini-Nature Collection

Make a Mud Kitchen -- Learn with Play at Home

Create an Outdoor Music Station -- My Nearest & Dearest

Burn off a TON of energy with this Blast Pad Missile Launcher

Play Color Golf -- School Time Snippets

Set up a Backyard Car Wash -- P is for Preschool

(there's something about washing toys that kids just love!)

Play Flashlight Games at night -- Kids Activities Blog

Make your own Sun-print T-shirt


and if all else fails....

tell them that popsicles can only be eaten outdoors!  :)



~ Jacquie



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