Halloween Mystery Touch & Feel Game {w/FREE labels!}

Kids (and adults!) will love this fun Halloween Mystery Box game -- create your own DIY touch and feel box or bags!

I wanted to create something easy but fun for the holiday with a little spooky but not to scary. 

Mystery touch & feel boxes or bags with a Halloween theme are just the ticket!

I promise they are not so creepy (even though you could easily make it spookier if you'd like) -- it's always the anticipation that gets kids as they slooowwwly put their hand in the bag wondering what it will feel like.

And I bet you have what you need right in your house (just add the free printable labels we have for you below ;)


Halloween Mystery Box Ideas - Touch and Feel Game for Kids and Adults

Halloween Mystery Box Game & Ideas

This is so simple to do and such a fun activity for classroom or home parties, trick or treaters or even as a Halloween science experiment. 

Their similar to our Smell of Christmas Mystery Boxes (perfect for holiday parties!) only with those, you use your nose instead of your hand.

The idea of this game is to reach in each box (with a bare hand) and use your sense of touch to guess what's inside each box or bag!

And to also to test the braveness of each person putting their hands in ;)

I wanted to use items that wouldn't be too messy because if you're using them at a party, you don't have to worry about all the kids having messy hands or getting stuff on their costumes (which could end in tears and who wants that, right?!)

Plus, I wanted them to be Halloween-themed too so we went with the names of traditional Halloween figures and matched them with 'body parts' that seemed appropriate :)

Think Frankenstein, Mummy,  Ghosts and more!


Easy Halloween touch and feel game ideas - things to put in a mystery box


Items for a Halloween Mystery Box Game

There are a few items you'll need for this activity.

I tired really hard to include things you would probably have on hand -- if you don't have one or two of them, ask a neighbor and I'll bet you can quickly pull these together.  I'm also including affiliate links for items we used in addition to the free printable labels you can download below!

  • 6 boxes or black paper bags - you could easily wrap empty tissue boxes with orange and black paper too!
  • Tape or small clothespins to attach the tags to your bags/boxes


  • The items you see on the following tray of supplies ...


What to put in a mystery box - touch and feel ideas related to Halloween


What to Put in a Halloween Mystery Box or Bag

So here's where the fun comes in -- I'll tell you the secret items but DO NOT tell the kids! 

It's no fun if they see you putting things in the bags :)

Seeds = Pumpkin Guts

Cotton balls = Ghost Poop

Golf Tees = Dracula's Teeth

Nuts & bolts = Frankenstein Pieces

Raisins or dried cranberries = Witch's Warts (my favorite!)

Gauze or cotton bandages = Mummy Skin


If you want to make the bags a little creepier, you can use real pumpkin guts or put some ketchup on Dracula's teeth -- things like that go over well for teens and adults.

You  can also use real vampire fangs if you want something each kid can take home as a fun souvenir too!


And if you're using this an a true "guess what's in the box" game, you'll want to have paper and pencil on hand so each person can fill out their guesses when they reach their hand in the box.


Halloween feel box ideas for preschool, kindergarten, elementary kids and even teens!  Non-scary items and easy to do for class parties.

How to Set Up a Guess What's in the Box Game

Just cut out your FREE labels and tape or clothespin them to your boxes or bags. 

Be sure the bags are tall enough (and in a dark area) so that snooping kid-lings can't see inside.

And if you want to turn this into a science experiment, give each child a piece of paper and ask them to record what they think they feel inside the box or bag.


What to put in a mystery box for Halloween - great game ideas for kids and adults!

Some of the items (like Ghost Poop) I put directly in the bag but other items (the seeds & raisins) I put in a small dish first.

Now just line up all your bags, turn on some Halloween music and creep out your kids (lol!) 

See how brave they are and how much they laugh when they really see what's inside the box.



This is also a great activity to do with a Halloween-themed story too!  We'd recommend the following books:

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

Scary, Scary Halloween

Pete the Cat: Trick or Pete


Here's the free printable Halloween Mystery Touch & Feel labels for you to use too!



 Enjoy Halloween!


Halloween mystery box ideas and game with free printable labels!



Happy Halloween!

~ Jacquie


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