What Will You Do With an Extra Hour?


"Fall back" is this Saturday -- yep, daylight savings time. 


I was recently thinking it would be great to have some extra time; and then I realized, we get an extra hour this weekend!

Gain an Hour with Daylight Savings Time

What to do with an extra hour this weekend?

  • Read one of the many magazines stacked up next to my couch.
  • Do something fun with the kids - maybe play a card game or finish a craft that we've been wanting to get to.
  • Go for a nice, long walk with my husband.
  • Visit with a friend - I mean really visit and talk! {instead of just those quick 'How are you? Fine.' exchanges}.
  • Take a yoga class.
  • Catch an extra hour of sleep!  This should probably be up higher on the list but some of the other items are just more fun :-)
  • Organize the guest room - ok, I'll admit this would take way more than an hour but I could at least get a little done since we have company coming for the holidays.
  • Get a head start on my holiday shopping - or maybe just make sure I have wrapping supplies in the house.
  • Call my sister to say 'hi' - because I miss her and won't get to see her for the holidays.


Ah, the gift of time is a wonderful thing. 

So what will you do with an extra hour this weekend?  I'd love to know!


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