50 Fun Fall Activities for Kids & Adults

Enjoy Autumn with these 50 FUN Fall Activities for Families - traditional items, unique experiences and seasonal ideas both kids and adults will LOVE doing together!

I've been trying to find a fun way to get all of our Autumn activities into one spot.

There's always so much we love to do in the Fall and so much of it is nearby -- apple picking, getting pumpkins, fall hikes, baking (and more baking)! 

Last year, we created a fun and colorful Fall Fun printable list -- but this year, I wanted something new. 

I started with a list but it just didn't feel right. 

I was looking for something more visual, something the kids would want to read and choose from each week, something like a game.

And that's when it hit me -- why not make it a game?! 

So Fall Family Fun BINGO was born :)


50 FUN Fall Family Activities for Kids & Adults to do Together

Unlike summer activities, many of these Autumn adventures can be found close to home - you might search for things like "apple orchards near me" and see what pops up if that's something your family wants to try this Fall.

And no need to have the "What should we do today?" discussions -- just look at the board to see what your options are for fun this week!

As you complete activities, your kids can mark them off (along with suggesting what to do next so they can score a BINGO!). 

My daughter wants to go for a black-out on the board :)

No competitions with this game -- just a fun way to keep track of all the things your family enjoys doing in Fall.

And it's so much nicer to look at that just a list!

To make things super easy, I thought I would share some details about our favorite Fall traditions, book lists and activities to inspire you to enjoy the season!  I've also included affiliate links for items we love so you can see the details along with links so you can easily find Fall activities near me and activities you can do at home.

50 Fun Fall Activities for Families BINGO game | Edventures with Kids

Fun Fall Activities Near Me

Go apple-picking -- find an orchard near me!

Visit a Cider Mill - check out how to find a cider mill near me & these great books to read too!

Go Leaf Peeping to check out the beautiful colors

Head out on a family hike

Visit a Pumpkin Patch to choose your pumpkin - once in every kids' childhood, they should wander through a pumpkin patch with determination on finding just the right one!  And then try to carry it back to the car ;)

Get lost in a Corn Maze - find a corn maze near me!

Attend a local Fall Festival

Go on a Fall Scavenger Hunt - grab your favorite from these 18 Autumn & Fall Scavenger Hunt Activities


Outdoor Fall Crafts & Activities for Kids & Adults

Create your own Leaf Maze - just rake leaves into pathways!

Make a leaf rubbing together

Enjoy a Night Hike and see a who new world on Autumn evenings!

Try a creative session as a family with these 15 Fall-themed Art Projects

Take a book on a leaf hunt

Rake the leaves and then Jump in the pile!

Make a family craft with one of these 15 DIY Fall Garland Ideas

Cuddle in front of a fire - make s’mores or hobo pies

For hobo pies, you need one of these cool Campfire Pie Iron Sandwich Cooker - we like the square ones because sandwich bread fits nicely. Try this recipe to make your favorite fruit pie (you can use any bread you'd like).


50 Fun Fall Activities for Families - Kids and adults will love these local trips, crafts and Autumn activities!

Fall Family Reading Sessions

Visit your local library and stock up on favorite fall books! 

Browse our lists for a few favorites:

14 Cozy Fall Reads

16 Classic Kids Books with Autumn Themes

12 Perfect Pumpkin Books

Great Thanksgiving Stories for Kids

Then having weekly reading sessions with your kids with these fun ideas:

  • storytime outside on a blanket
  • book & apple cider sessions
  • "read to your pumpkin" story time
  • read a book for each item on the BINGO board


Science Activities for Family Fun this Fall

Easy ways to explore seasonal changes with your kids! 

Create a Nature Exploration Tray

Explore the art & science behind Leaf Rubbings

Observe animals as they get ready for winter

Try this combination science activity/writing tray for homework practice: Apple Tasting & the 5 Senses

This is an easy & COOL one:  make a Pumpkin Optical Illusion

And we also have 10 Halloween Science Activities for you to try too!


Halloween Activities for both Adults and Kids

Decorate or carve a pumpkin (try these 101+ pumpkin stencils for inspiration!)

Make Mummy Garland or Halloween Salt-dough Garland

Get creative - make your costume for Halloween (here's a few easy costume ideas)

Bake together: Try one of these Healthy Halloween snacks!

Go on a Halloween Scavenger Hunt with this FREE printable!

Create a Halloween Countdown Calendar

13 Not-so-Spooky Crafts

Get ready for the BIG event with these 5 Must-Do's before Halloween Night that families can do together!

Watch your favorite fall TV special -- our favorites include It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and Garfield's Halloween Adventure ("candy, candy, candy candy, candy!")

And here's 31 More Halloween Activities for Families!


Fall Baking Ideas for Families

Enjoy a cup of hot cocoa or warm vanilla milk (sprinkle a dap of cinnamon on top of it too!)

My family loves these Awesome Apple Cider Pancakes || All Day I Dream About Food

Healthy Pumpkin Muffins || Nothing if Not Intentional

Roast pumpkin seeds

Make warm apple cider in an apple!  Fun idea to do before storytime sessions!


Fall Activities that Inspire Thankful Families

If you're looking for volunteer ideas, ways to give back to your community or other activites that bring family together, try a few of these:

Play this FREE "What's on your Phone?' Thankfulness Challenge for families!  It's a fun idea for a way to connect on the weekend, activity to do during dinner or with your extended family on Thanksgiving Day!

Volunteer as a family -- try these 30 Family Service Ideas & Random Acts of Kindness this month!

Make a Gratitude tree or garland    

Donate to a local Food Drive or host your own neighborhood food drive

Kids Activities for Thanksgiving Day

Create a Nature Turkey Puzzle for Thanksgiving


Of course, I have a copy for you to print out and use too!  Because what fun is it if I can't share the Autumn Love ;) 



Print out your own Fall BINGO board and have a few adventures this season!

We print ours on heavy paper like cardstock so it lasts through the season and hang it on the fridge for all to see -- it's a great way to think about how you'll connect as a family each week even when things get busy.

You can also laminate the printable to keep as part of your yearly Fall traditions!


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