Awesome Travel Journal Ideas for Kids {with free printables!}

Use these travel journal ideas to help your kids document their trip!

Summer travel is the perfect opportunity to inspire the kids to do some writing.

I think downtime during the summer months is really important for kids but I've also seen what happens when they don't pick up a pencil for a few months (yikes!)  It can be a rude awaking when they head back to school so I'm always looking for fun ways to encourage them to write a little throughout the summer.

Since we're heading out on a mega road trip this month, I thought I would include some travel journal pages in our Road Trip Binder (which already has 40+ Free Printable Road Trip Activities you might want to check out!)


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Travel Journal Ideas for Kids

We're all about DIY which is why I like to create a Road Trip binder and include things that are very specific to our trip.

And in my search, I can across so many wonderful options that I didn't limit it to just one (I'm never good at narrowing things down ;)

So here are some awesomely creative ways to keep your kids writing while you travel -- whether you have a child that's 5 or 15!


Free Travel Journal Pages

These free printable travel journal pages are the perfect way for kids to record all their favorite things each day!  Be sure to leave a note to thank the amazing people who created these free printables pages!

Before My Vacation journaling page from TSLBooks is perfect to use the week before you head out! 

We 3 Travel has some awesome Travel Journal Pages for Kids -- 3 varieties which include drawing pages for younger kids and fill-in vacation details for older ones!

I adore this Travel Journal for Kids over at the Travel Turtle.

B. Nute Productions has a printable Trip Journal Page that's very colorful & your kids will really enjoy!

The Unlikely Homeschool has a beautiful Field Trip Log printable for any side trips you have planned.

And My Fave Finds has both a boyish and girlish Road Trip Journal page where kids can record the details of their travel days.



Creative Travel Journals & Diary Books

If your child prefers a book-type travel journal, here are some of the ones we would recommend:

My favorite is The Children's Travel Journal by Ann Banks.  The journal is sketched out in black and white so kids can color all the pages while they travel!  Details include food journals, people you meet on the trip, spaces to draw your favorite memories and so many more ways to record the trip.

This Kid's Travel Journal by Jeff Sechler is very simple and encourages kids to make lists and record all the important parts of their trip.  There's a generous amount of room for writing words which is perfect for younger kids.

Older kids would enjoy the Kids' Travel Specialty Journal by Sarah Hollendar which includes pages for maps, daily activities and interesting things learned on the trip!

If you're looking for something a parent & child can fill out together, check the My Travel Journal: A Journal for 5 Family Vacations.   It's perfect for kids ages 5 - 9 years old and allows you to keep the details from multiple vacations in one spot.


And for kids who aren't crazy about writing -- We're big fans of the Everthing Kids! book series and the The Everything Kids' Travel Activity Book: Games to Play, Songs to Sing, Fun Stuff to Do - Guaranteed to Keep You Busy the Whole Ride! is the perfect option for those intimidated by blank pages.


road trip ideas for kids and families

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