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50+ ABC Games & Number Activities for Curious Kids

Fun ABC games and number activities for preschool & kindergarten learners!

When my kids were younger, I worried about them learning their alphabet and numbers.  So naturally, I asked their preschool teachers what we could do at home.

The response?

Don't go overboard!

Don't have them write letters or numbers over and over or push learning.

And don't worry if they confuse 'b' & 'd' or write their 's' backwards when printing their last name :)

What did they recommend doing instead?


ABC Games & Number Activities

Their teachers recommended that we just play together and not over-stress the 'learning' part of things!

Learning the alphabet is a huge tasks for any child. And it doesn't happen overnight.

So it's important to make it fun!

The goal is to follow your child's lead -- do what they love and while you play & create, point our which letters are being used in the activity.


That's why I'm inviting you to join the ABC & 123 Challenge this month!

As you do more activities with your child, you'll quickly see what they enjoy -- they might love to build or color or get active while they play.  So continue to introduce the activities they enjoy and they will continue to learn!

For example, we love anything STEM related at our house so I know if it involves mixing, exploding, nature and getting outside -- my kids will quickly say 'yes!' to an activity.

If your kids enjoy this too, you might go on an ABC Scavenger Hunt at their favorite playground.

Or make Magic Appearing Letters like these from Gift of Curiosity.


Fun Ways to Learn Letters & Numbers

The ABCs & 123s: 40+ Hands-on Play Activities book includes SO many ideas for all types of learners! 

You'll find activities for kids who love to get active & those who like to sit still, for kids who like to paint and those who like to build -- AND activities for parents & teachers who already play with their kids and those who are just beginning to play & learn together.

What you’ll get in this book:

  • 40+ hands-on play ideas that will help your child build their letter and math skills
  • multisensory activities for children aged 2 to 8
  • resources for parents and teachers, at home or in the classroom, with ideas for indoor and outdoor learning
  • material lists, step-by-step instructions and full colour photographs of every activity
  • suggestions for variations and extensions so you can adapt the activities to suit your child



Buy your copy of ABCs and 123s book for the special price of $9.99 *and* get a bonus ABCs and 123s kit:

  • stickers and certificate for your children to celebrate them joining in with the ABCs and 123s activities, 
  • your own "Value of Play" poster and 
  • printable resources and games that turn playtime into learning

Join in with the community challenge this month, or get your resources now and do the challenge when it suits you!

The book is beautifully laid out so that each activity includes color photos, materials needed, detailed directions and extension activities -- so really, there's WAY more than 40 ideas in the book (it's closer to 125 activities!!)



You'll find a wide range of learning activities, across literacy and math, including:

  • learning to recognise and write letters and numbers
  • understanding both upper and lower case letters
  • drawing shapes and making marks
  • working on alphabetic order
  • working on spelling of your name, sight words, cvc words and other vocabulary
  • developing language skills
  • understanding one-to-one correspondence
  • learning to count, to add, and subtract
  • base-ten understanding and double digit addition


Remember, the sale price & BONUS ITEMS are only available

until May 7th so get yours today!



Come play with us this month & see how much fun your kids will have while they learn!



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The ABCs and 123s ebook is protected under copyright © 2016. All rights reserved.


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