7 Things to do Before the First Day of School

Tips to help you get you ready for the school year & first day of school ideas!

I'm sure you heard a few groans as you flipped the calendar to August.

School will be starting soon for so many of us and I'll be honest with you, I'm not that excited.

I love the unscheduled days of summer, letting the kids sleep in and not having to say "Do you have your homework? Did you grab your lunch?" every morning :)

But I know the kids are looking forward to seeing their friends again and finding out who their teachers will be this year.  And it's always good to get back into the school routine come Fall.

So here are a few tips on how to make the back to school transition a little easier (and fun) for everyone!


tips for making back to school easier

7 Things to do Before Back to School

Here are a few ways we ease ourselves back into the school year.  We've included tips and affiliate links to items we use to help your family have a great start to the school year!

And if you'd like a more detailed list, be sure to get this Ultimate Back to School Checklist set (with FREE printables!)


1. Start moving back those bedtimes!

Man, this is the HARDEST thing at back to school time for us.  We stick to a somewhat normal summer bedtime but it's much later than our school day bedtime. 

And I always let our kids sleep in as much as they want to during the summer months.  Our peditrician has told them "sleeping helps you to grow taller" so that's helped too.

I let our kids each pick out their own fun alarm clock and choose which setting to put it on each night.  I figure it gives them more control over how they wake up in the morning and then it's not all on me to shake them out of bed :)

Back to School Tip: The best way to help kids adjust to an earlier wake up call is by moving their bedtime back by 10 - 15 minutes every few nights.  So if they are waking up at 8 am but will need to be up by 7 am on a school day, you'll need about 2 weeks for their internal clock to adjust to the new time.

 back to school breakfast table surprise

2. Plan a Surprise for the First Day of School

Since the first day can be a momentous occasion, I like to plan ahead for something that first day. 

Some years, I'll decorate the table with a fun back-to-school layout -- for example, use a globe, old photos from when the kids were younger or other school-related items to create a "First Day of School" themed table. (Like that folding ruler?  It's actually a construction ruler and I love that the kids can manipulate it into different shapes!)

I also like to have a free printable activity for us to do while we eat breakfast as I've found it gets the kids talking and helps them wake up a little -- read our 35 Free Back to School Printables for a few you can use this year!

Kids might also get excited if it's the first year they can walk to school with friends, ride their bike or take the bus. 

Back to School Tip:  I've learned over the years that if there's something to look forward to at breakfast, it's much easier to get the kids out of bed that morning ;)

 best books to read before school begins

3. Read Some Great Back to School Books

If the kids are a little anxious (or even just excited) about going back, plan to read a book or two about with them. 

See our 24 Great Books for Back to School for fun titles about their upcoming grade level. 

Reading also helps kids to create a visual picture of what they can expect on the first day.  Many times, they will be anxious about "the unknown" so talking about it helps to ease their concerns.


4. Organize Closets & School Clothes

Oh my word, I can't tell you how much time this has saved me over the years!!

Honestly, it's one of my big Back to School secrets (shhhh!)

Every August, we organize an area of their closet for 'school clothes only' so the kids can easily see & find outfits that are appropriate for school (you know, things that aren't stained or too small or items that CLEARLY aren't approved under the school's dress codes). 

I know quite a few families who use a weekly closet organizer & have their kids choose outfits for each day on Sunday evening so there's no need to make decisions during the week.

This is one of those quick tasks -- only takes about 20 minutes -- that really makes things run smoother! 

Plus, once you have all the school clothes in one spot, it's easy to see it you'll need to add any items to their wardrobe.

Back to School Tip:  Don't forget to try on those shoes to see what needs to be replaced.  I swear my kids outgrow flip-flops & sneakers between May and August!


organize back to school supplies

5. Sort the School Supplies

Do the kids remember where they put their backpack at the end of last year?  How about those school supplies you purchsed a few weeks ago?  (Confession:  Ours are still in the Target bag sitting on the floor in the den.)

Time to get everything out & organized -- and re-assessed -- so you know what you still might need to grab before classes begin. 

And if you're like us and recycle end-of-the-year school supplies in order to save money, be sure to pull those out before you hit the stores!


Update your phone with needed back to school apps

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6. Update Your Phone

Download the apps you'll need this year, register for the bus alerts and put in the numbers of families who are sharing carpool duties!

Be sure the school number is on your phone too especially if you're chaning schools.

Back to School Tip:  Download a timer app so you can set it to go off each morning to get the kids out the door on time :)


FREE Summer fun coupons for kids

7. Plan One Last Summer Activity

Was there something that you didn't get to do this summer?  Maybe make s'mores or play flashlight tag?  Do the kids might want to have a lemonade stand or head to the pool for a night swim?

Try to squeeze in one or two end-of-the-summer activities before school schedules kick in.  If you're short on ideas, try this list of 17 Things to do Before the End of Summer which includes a set of FREE coupons for fun things kids love to do!



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easy back to school ideas for families

Wishing you a great start to the school year!

~ Jacquie

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Guest - Jaimi@TheStayatHomeMomSurvivalGuide (website) on Tuesday, 25 August 2015 06:31

These are great tips! I like the closet organization idea for school clothes. So smart! I am with you-lazy, slow Summer schedule is my preference too.

These are great tips! I like the closet organization idea for school clothes. So smart! I am with you-lazy, slow Summer schedule is my preference too. ;)
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