12 Earth-themed Lego STEM Projects

My kids have this fascination with taking indoor toys outside to play -- trading cards, dolls, building kits -- you name it!

They also think they can bring outdoor toys inside --

basketballs I'll allow but I draw the line at hula hoops ;)

With Earth Day coming up this week, taking some LEGOs outside to build a few of these STEM themed projects seems like a great idea to me!

Today's colorful activities include fun ways to learn about earth science, conservation efforts and other eco-friendly behaviors.


 LEGO activities for Earth Science or Earth Day - great environmental projects!

Earth-themed Lego STEM Activities

I absolutely adore the cross-over of science & engineering with these LEGO activities!  The kids are just thinking "Cool! LEGOS!" and yet there's so much learning taking place at the same time.

And even better, the LEGO company has announced that they're going to make LEGOs even better by using sustainable materials to create the bricks!  Always love to see innovation like that :)


If you're an experienced builder, the first thing you're going to ask is "What type of bricks do we need?

I'm going to make it easy for you -- improvise! 

That's one of the beautiful things about creating with LEGOs anyway -- building on the fly :)

If you don't yet have a set of LEGOs, we've include a few suggestions along with affiliate links to items we love! 

I would highly recommend starting with one of the Classic LEGO sets -- they come in lots of colors and sizes so choose the one the kids like the most and they'll be more likely to pull it out to play. 

I would also get a LEGO base board if you don't have a lot of room or a LEGO Table (if you want storage too) so the kids have an easy place to build!


LEGO projects with an environmental theme -- great for Earth Science or Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day with these fun LEGO projects:


Construct a map of the Earth with this printable LEGO mosaic pattern | Childhood 101

Build an internal model of the Earth's Layers with LEGOs | Little Bins for Little Hands


Create the Water Cycle using LEGOs and learn about how to conserve water | Edventures with Kids

Talk about how to care for our oceans while building LEGO Ocean Animals | Frugal Fun with Boys

Talk about the importance of preserving habitats while building one of these LEGO Rainforest Animals


Help kids to visualize the Layers of Soil with this LEGO land creation | Little Bins for Little Hands

Talk about Alternative Energy as you build a wind-powered LEGO car | Handmade Kids Art

Or learn about how we can use the sun as an energy source with this Solar powered LEGO car | Teach Beside Me


And instead of buying new things, try UPCYCLING and use your LEGO set to build useful items:

like this card holder for kids from A Mom with a Lesson Plan

or this fun pencil holder for your desk!


How do you learn with LEGOs? 



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