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15 Winter Olympic Activities & Lesson Plan Ideas (free printable!)

Celebrate the 2022 Winter Olympics with kids using this FREE printable challenge that can be used as a teaching resource & lesson plan guide or just for fun with your family as you enjoy the Olympic Games together!

There’s so much to learn during the 2-weeks of the Olympics — it’s a great time to introduce geography, cultural activities, STEM projects and more!

And we’ve got an AWESOME way to inspire your kids or students to do more than just watch the events!

Grab your FREE printable copy of the Winter Olympics Challenge — complete with bronze, silver & gold medals — and see how many ‘events’ you can complete before the closing ceremony.


15 Winter Olympic Activities & Lesson Plan Ideas

The challenge can be used with kids of all ages — from preschool through middle school — and includes activities that cover science, geography, art, history, reading, math, physical activity and cultures!

We’ve listed each of the 15 challenges below along with activity ideas, teaching resources and affiliate links to items that are perfect for the learning about the 2022 Olympic Games.

Plus a FREE printable bingo-themed Olympic Games Challenge kids will LOVE and medals they can earn as they complete the different activities.

Let the Games begin!

Olympic-themed Geography & Cultural Activities

Beijing, China is hosting this year’s Olympic Games.  Our geography and cultural activities focus on the host country, the original Olympic Games & symbols and map activities.

For many of these challenges, you’ll need map or globe (and no, I don’t suggest using an online map!  Kids learn so much more when they have an object to hold and manipulate!)

If you don’t have a map or globe at home or in your classroom, here are a few that we recommend:

We use a Kids Dry Erase World Wall Map when we want to record items — for example, when we map our summer reading activities

We also have a Kids Desktop Globe which is great to use when you’re discussing time zones or lines of latitude and longitude. 

If your short on space, try this Inflatable World Globe. We also love using a Explore the World Place mat World Map place mat or Mini globe Mini Tilt Globe.



  • Find Beijing on a World map or globe.
  • The 1st Winter Olympic Games were held in Chamonix, France – find the location on a map.
  • Try a new food based on those grown in China or a recipe from the country. Ordering or visiting a local Chinese restaurant would also be a fun activity!
  • Learn how to say “hello” in Mandarin, the official language of Beijing. If your kids have ever watched the Ni Hao Kai Lan series, they may already know this 😉


Olympic Arts & Crafts Projects

It’s always great to get creative so think outside of the box (eg. not just coloring) when it comes to Olympic arts & crafts!




Science & Math Activities for the 2018 Olympics


  • Do an Olympic-related science project — this might include physics, weather,


  • If you were to attend the Olympic Games this year, how many miles would you travel?
    • This math challenge can be computed in many ways — how many air miles (or ‘as the crow flies’), how many land miles (measuring on a map or globe) or make it super-challenging and have students figure out how they would get to the Olympics and add up all forms of transportation for their trip!


Reading about the Olympic Games & Host Country




  • Read a book about Beijing – any book!  Non-fiction is great but there are some wonderful fiction stories that would be perfect for the challenge.
    • Two Bikes in Beijing is a beautiful book that introduces kids and parents to all the wonderful sights of Beijing.
    • A young girl and a kitty become friends in the story Angel in Beijing.
    • And Grace Lin’s One Year in Beijing is the story of 8 year old Ling Ling who gives the reader a personal account of the culture, holidays and festivals in the city.

Another AWESOME reading challenge would be to read books about all the countries participating in the Winter Olympics!  Here’s a great list of 30 Picture Books from Countries around the World to get you started.


Sports Challenges & Olympic-themed Activities


  • Get out & try one of the sports that are featured in the Winter Olympics.
    • Here’s a list of Winter Olympic sports to get you started
    • Some of the easier ones to try with kids include cross country skiing, skating, a modified bobsled or luge ride and even curling!  Even if you don’t have snow & ice, you can recreate some activities — try using paper plates as skis and see if you can slide across the grass or floor.


Download your FREE printable Olympic Games Challenge with medals and get started!!

You’ll receive an email with a copy of the 2022 Winter Olympics Challenge along with printable medals that can be used as kids complete the various activities.


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