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The BEST Halloween Decoration: Ideas for the Front Porch and Trunk or Treat Event

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Every Halloween, we run into the same dilemma — who will hand out the candy at our house?!

It all started the first Halloween BOTH the kids were old enough to trick or treat.  As we dressed to head out the door, my son asked “But if we all go, who will hand out the candy?”

We told him it would be fine if we were gone for a little while but it wasn’t fine for him —

What if my friends come while we’re gone?  They won’t think we do Halloween!

Hmmm….it certainly is a dilemma.  We love heading out with the kids on Halloween night and visiting with the neighbors.  But I also like all the neighborhood kids to be excited when they stop by our house and not see a dark porch.

So we needed to create a good way to hand out the candy while we were off enjoying ourselves.


Halloween Spider Web Decoration

Sure, we could just put out a bowl of candy with a sign that says ‘Please Take One’ but it’s not really exiciting for those cute trick or treaters.

So this year, we designed this HUGE spider web to sit on the front porch for Halloween night!



I’m not crazy about spiders but a few weeks ago, I took this photo of a web in our yard — you really have to appreciate all the work that goes into creating one of these!  And a spider’s thread is so darn sticky (you’ll know that if you’ve ever walked into one!) that I thought it would be neat to create a super huge, creepy web where the candy can stick right to it —

you know, so the kids have to get up close to grab their treat 😉


trick or treat supplies

This is a super easy craft with only a few supplies!  You’ll need the following items:

• 4 long branches (ours were about 3.5 feet long)

• one skein of yarn

packing tape

• scissors (bonus if yours are orange for Halloween 😉

one HUGE bag of candy (or 2 if you have a lot of trick or treaters in your area!)

For the candy, we grabbed one of the BIG bags of Hershey’s candy (Reese’s are a favorite in our house at this time of the year).  Honestly, I think we took longer to choose which bag of candy we wanted than it did to make the web!

I love getting one huge bag because then I only have to shop once (I am NOT a fan of running back and forth to the grocery store)!  There are enough pieces to use for Halloween night, any school events we might have plus a few that I know are going to be ‘secretly’ stolen by my husband before the 31st gets here 😉


yarn for making a spider web

We found this PERFECT yarn that had a spider webby look to it.  You can also use regular yarn — if you do, I would create the weavings of the web closer together than the ones we made.

If you have a dark-colored house, I would suggest using a lighter color yarn (like a silver gray yarn).  If you have a light colored house, use a dark gray or black yarn to create your web.  The color will help your web ‘pop’ and be seen!


how to weave a spider web

To begin the web, criss-cross the sticks so they are evenly layed out to look like the beginning of a web (a type of star formation).

Cut off a few sections of yarn and secure the sticks in this shape by tying where they overlap in the middle.  They will wiggle a little but this will become more stable as you weave the web.

Begin the weaving by tying a tight double knot around one branch near the center of the sticks. 

Then begin wrapping the yarn OVER & AROUND one branch and then UNDER & AROUND the next branch.  Pull tightly as you wrap the yard so it begins to stablize the sticks into their support positions.

You can wrap them as close as you like — I would suggest spacing them about an inch apart or less.  Stop when you have about 2 – 3 inches left at the end of the branches.


how to make a spider web craft

The entire web took us about 40 minutes to create (I had my daughter as an awesome helper!)  You can see how the woven varigated yarn gives it a real web look.

 cool way to give out candy on Halloween

Now for the fun — adding the candy!

Tear off pieces of packing tape and attach them to the back side of the web (sticky side facing to the front).  Then stick the candy to the tape — easy peasy!


oversized spider web craft for Halloween

Once the candy was attached, I added a really BIG spider to the top of the web! 

Just to add a little ‘spooky’ 😉 

And it really worked — a few of the kids did NOT want to grab for the candy so it was a little trick.


trunk or treat idea

If you measure the back of your car or van, this is also a fun idea to use for any Trunk or Treat event too!


easy DIY Halloween decorating

That big bag of Hershey candy will come in handy because I’m sure all the neighborhood kids will be saying “Hey! Did you stop by the house with the SUPER BIG spider web!!?? — so you’ll have to restock the web a few times 🙂


Happy Halloween!



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