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Have you ever had a kid who asked “Can I help?” when you were preparing a meal?  There’s all kinds of ways that kids can get involved in the kitchen!

Cooking is a great life skill and everyone should know some of the basics behind preparing a well-balanced meal.  Young children can learn how to choose nutritious foods, prepare snacks, and mix & measure ingredients.  Older kids will enjoy mastering the skills of whisking, creating fun desserts and learning to crack an egg (warning: buy more than you think you’ll need).

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Wow has summer just flown by or what?!  The kids only have a few more weeks before they start classes here (they are NOT ready to go back) and this is the last topic in our Summer Science series.

If you’ve missed the previous science projects and booklists, please check out the links at the bottom of the post — Trisha (Inspiration Laboratories) and I have had such a fun time pulling together hands-ons science and many of the activities can be used year round!

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