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27 Simple Summer Science Experiments

Enjoy these simple summer science experiments that will inspire curious minds!

Summer is a wonderful time to let the kids show off their curiosity and do some simple science:

Mom, do you think this {non-waterproof object} will float?

If I put my popsicle down in the sun, how long will it take to melt?

and the best one that’s always asked at our house

If we put the hose at the top of the slide and turn on the water, how fast will I slide down?

They shoot off that thing like a greased pig I tell you 🙂

So in order to inspire & nuture that growing sense of curiosity — and even allow them to live a little dangerously at times — we thought we would bring you an awesome list of Simple Summer Science Experiements to try!

 Easy summer science experiments your kids will LOVE!

27 Easy Summer Science Experiments

When I complied this list, I was going for engaging activities that are:

  • easy (because complicated & summer just don’t mix),
  • use items you’ll have on hand and
  • involve fun summer experiences such as water, sand, sunshine, etc.

We love to have some of our favorite outdoor science tools for kids on hand for impromptu science learning too.

If you plan to do a number of science activities throughout the summer months, do consider having your kids start their own science journal.  It’s a wonderful way to track what they’ve learned & keep them writing during the summer months too.

Plus, you can track which experiments you do along with any questions the kids might have — and it teaches them about the scientific process in a relaxed & colorful way.


Extreme Water Experiments

Learning Physics with Water Rockets — Edventures with Kids

Exploring the Density of Liquids — Buggy & Buddy

Ice Melt Experiment — The Sprout Mix

Explore Surface Tension — My Mundane and Miraculous Life

Make a Water Bottle Fountain — Learn with Play at Home


Ocean Science Experiments

Layers of the Ocean Project  — Edventures with Kids

Make your own Ocean in a Bottle — What Do We Do All Day?

Learn about Ocean Zones — I Can Teach My Child

Learn about Tide Pool Science — Buggy & Buddy

Create an Under the Sea World — Edventures with Kids


Backyard Science Experiments

How does a leaf breathe? — Edventures with Kids

Is it a Solid or Liquid?  Changing Substances — A Mom with a Lesson Plan

Sandbox Volcano — Little Bins for Little Hands

Sidewalk Chalk Anatomy — True Aim

Rock Testing for Kids — Edventures with Kids

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Fun Food Science

Does your food sink or float? — Edventures with Kids

How to Make Your Own Raisins from Grapes — Learn, Play, Imagine

Make Slushies without a Blender — Reading Confetti

Make Your Own Ice Cream — I Can Teach My Child

Make Rock Candy — Coffee Cups & Crayons

Solar Science S’mores — Craftiments

Make Marshmallow Constellations — Edventures with Kids


Solar (Sun) Experiments

DIY Sun Print T-shirt — Edventures with Kids

Rainbow Melted Crayons — Mama Smiles

Exploring Color & Temperature — Inspiration Laboratories

Grow a Crystal Flower — Danya Banya

DIY Sundial — Edventues with Kids



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