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7 Fun Nature Walks for Kids

Getting the kids more time outside is always a goal these days.

Especially on school days when they’re stuck in a building for 8 hours 🙁 with the exception of a 25 minute recess (if you’re in elementary school) which I think is waaayyy too short.

But I’ll complain about that on another day 😉

Today, let’s talk about some fun ideas for nature walks!

We love to walk — but I will admit that keeping the kids engaged during a walk can be a challenge. 

And it seems their age doesn’t really matter as my teenager complains on our walks just as much now as he did when he was younger.

Mom, it’s a walk – it’s like boring!”

So let’s make it less boring, shall we?



7 Great Nature Walks for Kids

The were some very creative nature activities that were shared at the  Discover & Explore Earth Day Linky.  Thanks to everyone who shared their posts and offered us some fun ways to celebrate the earth!

One of the fun themes that popped up quite a few times was the idea of getting out and enjoying nature with the kids.

So I thought we should pull them together into one spot along with some great tips and affiliate items we love to have for our nature walks! 

Now we all have a few ideas in our back pocket that we can quickly pull out for those “walking is boring” times 🙂


Great ideas for outdoor activities to do on a Nature Walk with kids

Go on a Texture Walk

Live with Moore Babies showed us how to enjoy & learn on a Texture Walk with the kids — using our senses and encouraging hands-on activities is a great way to inspire the kids to enjoy the walk and nature.


Great ideas for outdoor activities to do on a Nature Walk with kids

Go Hiking with the Kids

Hiking is a great outdoor family activity — more than just a walk, it usually involves some steep hills, a little climbing and sometimes even water crossings!  Hiking is perfect for active kids and can quickly turn a walk into an adventure.

See our best tips for hiking with kids of all ages so you’re prepared for your next trek!  And Ready-Set-Read featured 15 Tips for Hiking with Young Kids via JDaniel’s Mom.


Nature Walks with Kids

Take a Chalk Walk

Grab some of those fun sidewalk chalk sticks you have at home (have you seen the *new* Crayola Glitter Sidewalk Chalk ?!!) and follow the lead of the of The Educator’s Spin on It as they share this fun Chalk Walk idea for kids.



Get Out & Experience Nature

Head out on a fun Sensory Nature Walk with these fun tips from My Nearest and Dearest.

Once you return, create a Nature Tray so kids can explore some of the items they gathered on their walk.


Outdoor Walks with Kids

Go on a ‘Going Green’ Walk

I just LOVE this idea of turning a walk into a service project — learn some great tips for a Clean Up the Park Walk from Kidding Around Greenville.  This is a great idea if you have tweens & teens who need service hours for church or school too!



Take-along Scavenger Hunts

It’s always more fun when you have a list of items to look for on the walk!

Try some of the AWESOME free printable hunts on our 12 Months of Scavenger Hunts list!  We have scavenger hunts for kids of all ages.

Adventures in Wunderlust has a wonderful printable to take on your next Nature Walk.

We also have fun DIY Nature Notebook with printables that you can make and take with you on your next nature outing.



Nature Walks for Kids

Explore the Forest

We LOVE heading into the forest — so much wildlife and a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of life.  Before you go, read a book or two about forest life!

Fireflies & Mudpies shares all the fun kids can have when Exploring the Forest.

Kids also love to explore for animal tracks (which can easily been seen in the mud, sand or snow)!

If you have older kids (elementary and up), Explore the Forest: Tips for Family Hiking has lots of tips & details!


Great activities to do on nature walks with kids


Kids will also enjoy some of these great adventure books for their backpack — fun field guides to take on a hike or walk!