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Handmade Mother’s Day Cards


With Mother’s Day right around the corner and some wonderful ideas from last week’s Discover & Explore linky, I thought I would share some easy and beautiful ideas for Mother’s Day cards.

These would be great for Mom or Grandma — and many could easily be mailed too.  Plus, they’re all fun to make and it’s always great to have some keepsakes like this to look back on.



Mother’s Day Cards Kids Will Love to Make

Some of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts are the poems or notes that the kids have written in their cards. 

I especially love the surveys they’ll get at school that ask “How old is your Mom?” and “What’s her favorite food?” — I’m always younger and coincidentally love my kids’ most favorite meals each year 🙂

Be sure to ask the kids which card they would like to make — many times they will choose something that reminds them of Mom or Grandma.  Here’s a great variety —

Photo Collage Flower Card — Lalymom

Pop Bottle Flower Card — Katie’s Crochet Goodies

“I Love You” Keepsake Card — Schooltime Snippets

 Firefly Card  — Sassy Dealz

Handprint Flower Bouquet Greeting — Like Mama, Like Daughter

Mother’s Day Memory Card — Buggy & Buddy

Footprint Flower Card — Sassy Dealz

You’ll also find 10 more really cute Mother’s Day card projects at Sassy Dealz!


If you’re not crazy over the traditional type of card, create personal wishes with this Mother’s Day Photo Book from Mini Monets & Mommies.  The kids will have a ball pulling out old photos to use! 

I also love the idea of this Mother’s Day Scrabble Game from Powerful Mothering!  Fun & learning that reminds of us Mom 🙂

Or this great Fingerprint Flower Magnet craft from Life with Moore Babies to decorate the fridge.


Whatever you choose to make Mom, don’t forget to include a big HUG with it!


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