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12 Learning Activities using Cars, Boats & Trains


One of the best ways for kids to learn is through play!  And you can easily introduce some formal learning (such as math and science) by using everyday play things.

In our house, the kids are always more likely to practice math or enjoy spelling practice if we connect the activity with a fun game or one of their favorite toys.




12 Learning Activities using Cars, Boats & Trains

Thanks to the brilliant ideas shared at last week’s Discover & Explore linky, we have a dozen lovely learning activities that involve cars, boats & trains (almost everyone has some of these in their home 😉


Math Activities

Pull out all your cars & trucks for some counting fun!  Play Dr. Mom shares a fun way to use car wheels as a learning activity.

Living Montessori Now shared some wonderful Car Math Activities that help with number recognition.

And while you have all those cars out, Life with Moore Babies shows us how to create a Giant Car Graph so the kids can practice graphing!


Science Exploration

Kids love to create things!  Have them build their own cars and boats to test out various science concepts:

Try a Build a Boat Challenge! 

Planet Smarty Pants has a fun project using corks to build boats.

Edventures with Kids created boats using tinfoil & plastic eggs.

And Life with Moore Babies made Balloon Boats to test

And if you’d rather build a car, build this Wind Car from Stir the Wonder and test out the science of speed


Learning Letters

Create a Letter Match Race Car Village like to AMAZING one from Kitchen Floor Crafts!  The kids can ZOOM their cars into the parking spots while practicing their alphabet.

Fantastic Fun & Learning shows us how to Use Racecars to Spell Your Name.

When it’s time to clean up, Growing Book by Book shared a fun way to put the cars away.  Create a Letter Parking Garage where kids can spell & store their vehicles.


Thanks to everyone who shared this week! 

Visit us to share your great ideas & activities each week with our themed linky!


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