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Things to Do with Kids in Kansas City

Wonder where to visit animals in Kansas City?  Maybe you’d like to travel through history, discover dinosaurs, or take your kids on a farm tour. 

Use our Interactive Map:  Click on the category of interest and the map will show you places to visit.  Check out the links below for more resources and tips!

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Amazing Animals

Get up close and personal by visiting some of your favorite animal friends.


Art Adventures

Discover ways to create art, experience art and appreciate art.


Dinosaur Destinations

Thought they were extinct?  You can still discover a lot about dinosaurs.


Let’s Pretend

Fun places to dress-up, act out and have fun!


Pioneers, Go West!

Learn about how people travelled the prairies and why Kansas City was such an important place. 


Planes, Trains & Things with Wheels

Great places to explore the different ways people travel.


Space, Stars & Sky

Learn to find constellations, and explore the wonders of space and the solar system.


Travel Through History in Kansas City

See our timeline of historical attractions & locations!


Where Does My Food Come From?

Teach your kids about where food really comes from – find places to pick-your-own fruit or take a farm tour.