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New Kids Movies In Theaters 2013


New Kids Movies in Theaters – 2013


Catch a few of the great family movies in 2013!

Escape from Planet Earth

Visit Escape from Planet Earth website

(Movie Rating: PG)

February 14th

A superhero alien finds himself trapped on Planet Earth, and his nerdy brother

must come up with a way to save him and their planet.


Oz the Great & Powerful

Visit Oz The Great and Powerful website

(Movie Rating: PG)

March 8th

When a circus magician from Kansas is whisked away to a magical place, he must

learn who is good and who is evil.

This is the story of how Oz, the Wizard, came to be — and although it is rated PG,

I would strongly suggest parents preview the trailer first as there is quitea bit of

action and discussion of good vs. evil. 


From Up on Poppy Hill

(Movie Rating: PG)

March 15th

The story of how a group of Japanese teenagers save their school from being

demolished right before the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

From Studio Ghibli, who also produced The Secret World of Arrietty, this looks to be

another stunning and touching story.


The Croods

Visit The Croods website

(Movie Rating: PG)

March 22nd

Find out what happens when a family of cavemen leave the cave for the first

time, and are introduced to a whole new world that they never knew existed.




Visit EPIC & see the trailer

(Movie Rating: PG)

May 24th


 An amazing action-adventure film that introduces us to the hidden universe

in the forests.  Looks to be a beautiful animated story that will be enjoyed by all!


Monsters University

Visit Monsters University website (great fun!)

See the trailer

(Movie Rating: G)

June 21st

Learn how Mike & Sully met at school and became the best of friends!  We

also love the website associated with the movie – very creative!

Despicable Me 2

Visit the Minions website

(Movie Rating: PG

July 3rd

Gru, the girls and the minions all return in a hilarious sequel!

Make your own Minion Costume

Create your own Minion




Visit Turbo’s website

(Movie Rating: PG)

  July 19th

Watch what happens when a snail gains the power of super-speed, meets

some new friends and tries to win the Indy 500.



Smurfs 2

Visit the Smurfs website

(Movie Rating: PG)

 July 31st

The smurfs are back and we’re blue with envy 🙂



Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

(Movie Rating: not yet rated)

 August 16th

The long-awaited second book in the Lightning Thief series, Percy & his

friends are sure to entertain the tween set and any fan of the books!



Leo the Lion

(Movie Rating: not yet rated)

 August 30th

 Not much information on this one yet — stay tuned!


Little Mermaid 3D

(Movie Rating: not yet rated)

 September 13th

Everyone’s favorite mermaid in 3D – can’t wait to see this one, the musical

scenes should be amazing!


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2: Revenge of the Leftovers

(Movie Rating: not yet rated)

 September 27th

I SO hope that the second movie is similar to the sequel “Pickles to Pittsburg”

but I’m guessing that it’s not with ‘revenge’ in the title.  Either way, read the

book first – it’s a great story!

The Trick or Treaters

(Movie Rating: not yet rated)

 October 25th

 Not much information on this one yet — stay tuned!



Ender’s Game

(Movie Rating: not yet rated)

  November 1st

Another movie based on a book, Ender’s Game is a sci-fi story about a

gifted teen at a futuristic military school (another series that kids LOVE!)




Mr. Peabody

(Movie Rating: not yet rated

November 1st



Muppets 2

(Movie Rating: not yet rated

November 22nd


Not much information on this one yet — stay tuned!




Hunger Games: Catching Fire

(Movie Rating: not yet rated

November 22nd

The second book/movie in the hugely popular Hunger Games series!  If you have

kids reading this, I’m sure they’re couting the days until November.



Keep up at Disney’s Frozen facebook page

(Movie Rating:  not yet rated)

November 27th


Only a few animated cells have been released so far — the story is that of Anna,

a young girl cursed by her sister, the Snow Queen.  Her only hope of reversing

the curse is to travel across the kingdom that is trapped in eternal winter. 

Not much information on this one yet — stay tuned!





Learn more at Santapprentice website

(Movie Rating:  not yet rated)

December 6th

Santa’s ready to retire and must find a replacement — but there are some

rules and child chosen is afraid of heights and doesn’t think he can do the job. 

Will Santa be able to train him?


Currently in Theaters

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The Life of Pi

(Movie Rating: PG) 

Based on the book: “The Life of Pi” by Yann Martel

Movie Website: Life of Pi

After his family’s boat sinks, a boy named Pi is stranded on a lifeboat with four animals that survived the wreck from his father’s zoo – a tiger, hyena, zebra and orangutanPi must figure out how to survive.  The book won a 2002 award in Canada and is an amazing story of courage and endurance – a must read!

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