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Halloween Glitter Sensory Bottles

Make these adorable Halloween Sensory Bottles that glitter & glow!

I want to introduce you to our newest craft project — we call them Frank, Pete & Mike 🙂

What else would you call a monster, pumpkin and mummy, right?

We loved making the Halloween Salt-dough Glitter Garland last year so I thought we’d try our hand at another glittery Halloween craft.

But we uped the anty with these — we wanted something that was not only fun to make but was also interactive and had a sensory component to it.

Not to mention their awesome ability to go from day to night so the kids can enjoy it 24/7 — they can even be used as a fun nightlight during the Halloween season 🙂



halloween sensory jars

Halloween Glitter & Glow Sensory Bottles

These are super easy to make and kids will really enjoy the process!

They are deliciously fun to use while reading Halloween stories and a fun way for kids to get involved in decorating for the holiday too.

If you’d like to pair them with a book, here’s a few we’d recommend along with affiliate links for each:




Where’s My Mummy is a story about a little mummy playing hide and seek with Mom but the scary noises and darkness make him wish his Mummy is quickly found!  A cute book for kids who don’t like the dark.

Pet the Cat: Trick or Pete follows Pete as he goes trick or treating — while he loves candy, he’s not a fan of scary surprises!

And The Night Before Halloween is a cute take-off of the famous Christmas poem with a Halloween twist!  Read along to see how all the monsters and ghouls prepare for trick or treats (and how they are a little nervous to meet humans that night 😉


halloween craft supplies for glitter sensory bottles


Here’s what you’ll need for each of the sensory bottles including affiliate links so you can learn more about our supplies:


Halloween Sensory Frankenstein Bottle (Frank):

• a small bottle or jar (we used spice bottles but jelly jars or baby food jars would work too)

• a piece of black paper to cut out his hair

• a pair of Googly Eyes

• black Sharpie

• green & gray glitter

• water

• glue

• one Mini Glow Stick


Halloween Mummy Discover Bottle (Mike):

• a small bottle or jar (we used spice bottles but jelly jars or baby food jars would work too)

• a long piece of Rolled Gauze

• a pair of Googly Eyes

• blue & gray glitter

• water

• glue

 • one Mini Glow Stick


Pumpkin Glitter Sensory Bottle (Pete):

• a small bottle or jar (we used spice bottles but jelly jars or baby food jars would work too)

• a strip of Orange Burlap Ribbon

• a pair of Googly Eyes

• purple & gray glitter

• water

• glue

• one Mini Glow Stick

 You can usually find a multi-pack of Mini Glitter in Halloween colors if you want to make all three jars.


halloween sensory bottles

DIY Glitter Sensory Bottles

First, we attached any items that required glue — glue on the googly eyes, Frank’s hair and Pete’s orange covering.


halloween sensory bottle to make a mummy

Mike looked a little cold so we gave him a ‘blanket’ 🙂 

The beauty of using gauze for a mummy is that most of the time it will easily attach to itself.  You could get away with tucking the end under as you wrap it around but we added a dap of glue to be sure it was secure.


pumpkin sensory bottle with glitter for Halloween

Next up, pour your choice of glitter in each of the jars.  We added about 1/2 teaspoon to each one.

The type of glitter is up to you — we found that larger glitter was more likely to clump up so we used a fine glitter. 

You could also add some glycerin if you want to be sure it won’t clump.


halloween glitter sensory bottles

Then fill each jar with water. 

Aren’t they cute!  You can see Frank’s glitter has left him a little green 🙂 

Pete had to get cleaned up a little so we used a stand-in for this photo.


glow stick halloween jars

Ok, one more thing — insert a glow stick!

You can find short glowsticks or bend a thin, flexible on to fit in your jar. 

We added a green one to Frank, Mike the Mummy got a blue one (because I think mummies can look a little sad) and Pete received a nice, bright orange glowstick.

Then put a small amount of glue on the top and twist tightly!

Tip: The glowsticks will only last a few days so if you’d like to add new ones, use a light glue (like Elmer’s) and not anything permenant.

Now they’re ready to shake, glitter & glow!


halloween glow stick sensory craft

Here’s what they look like during the day …. you can see Frank is really green being on the top of the pyramid — he must be scared of heights 😉


Halloween Glow Sensory Jars

And here’s our not-so-spooky trio at night!


halloween night light glow jars

Here’s another one of Mike & Frank being used as a nightlight on the bathroom sink!


Don’t you just love Halloween crafting?  😉



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