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Dr. Seuss Activities, Facts & Resources

March is a big month for The Cat in the Hat and Dr. Seuss activities with many book & reading celebrations at schools and libraries across the country.

If you have kids (or remember being a child) than you are very familiar with The Cat in the Hat — one of the most well-known and loved Dr. Seuss characters.

I mean who doesn’t hope for The Cat to stop by on a day when you have to clean for your Mother, right?!

Today we’re highlighting the works of Dr. Seuss and celebrate reading in a some really creative ways with games, activities & more!


Dr. Seuss Activities, Facts & Resources

Today’s post shares some interesting details about Dr. Seuss, a few of our favorite books along with OUTSTANDING websites where you can find more information about Dr. Seuss events & celebrations.  We’re including affiliate links for items we love to use when celebrating reading too!


Who was Dr. Seuss?

Here are some fun facts about Dr. Seuss and his life that your kids will enjoy learning:

  • His real name was Theodor Seuss Geisel but friends called him Ted.
  • And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street (1937) was Dr. Seuss’ first published kids book (many people think it was The Cat in the Hat).

  • Dr. Seuss and his wife never had children.
  • Many of his books were written to teach children how to appreciate others, encourage kids to think & imagine, and help people to be aware of and change injustice in the world.

You can find many more details about Dr. Seuss and his life at the Seussville website.


Dr. Seuss Books

What was your favorite Seuss book as a child?  

I’m sure your family has a favorite — possible Horton Hears a Who? or The Lorax?

Or maybe you’re more of a seasonal fan and enjoy How the Grinch Stole Christmas 🙂

I know, It’s hard to choose (there are just so many wonderful stories!).  We have many favorites at our house so I thought I would share a few of our must-reads:



The Lorax – a classic story about why we should care about the environment and how each person can make a difference.  You’ll find some Earth-friendly learning at Fun with the Lorax & Ecology for Kids!

McElligot’s Pool – was one of my favorite books growing up!  I loved it for discovering the imagination and both of my kids really enjoy the story too!



How the Grinch Stole Christmas! – A must read during the holidays for us!

My Book About Me – I had this book as a child and bought it for both of my kids when they were 7 years old.  It’s a great way for kids to create a story about their every day life and so fun to read again once they’ve grown.  And it makes a super birthday gift too!

You can also visit Seussville online to play games, explore the books and learn more about Dr. Seuss.


Read Across America Day

We will also celebrate Read Across America on March 2nd along with many schools & libraries across the country.  This day is dedicated to motivating kids to read! 

You can download FREE certificates, posters and more at the NEA’s Read Across America website!


The Cat in the Hat March reading events and activities

Literacy skills are so important to our children’s success in school and in life, so I encourage you to find ways to make reading part of your childs daily routine:

  • Read the cereal box at breakfast
  • Cuddle up for some read-aloud time after school or before bed
  • Attend storytimes at your local library or nature center
  • Encourage kids to read a variety of materials (books, magazines, comics, interactive games, etc)
  • Create a reading nook in your home
  • Shedule a weekly library visit to explore new books and topics of interest to your child

Here are a few more ideas for getting kids to read!


The Cat in the Hat

Everyone recognizes the cat who wears the red and white striped hat! 

In addition to his most infamous role in creating chaos at Sally & Dick’s, there are also some other fun ways to introduce your kids to The Cat —


The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library

Cat in the Hat Learning Library is a wonderful nonfiction series; these books introduce your kids to real-life topics and facts.  Children love to learn about animals, nature, weather, holidays and so much more with The Cat, Thing 1 & Thing 2, Sally and Dick.

Here’s a few of our favorite titles —


Clam-I-Am!: All About the Beach

If I Ran the Rain Forest: All About Tropical Rain Forests

There’s a Map on My Lap!: All About Maps


Parents and teachers love these books for a number of reasons:

• They are a great way to introduce kids to non-fiction topics

• Children can grow with the books – younger children enjoy the illustrations while older kids appreciate learning some of the details about the topic

• The books do a wonderful job of introducing a variety of science topics to children in a very appealing way.

I would highly recommend adding a few to your home or classroom library!


Related Activities:  Science Experiments with The Cat in the Hat


PBS & The Cat in the Hat


Another way to introduce your kids to The Cat in the Hat is by watching the PBS series Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot about That. This learning series introduces many of the topics covered in the Learning Library books.  Your kids will enjoy exploring topics about animals, nature, science and more in these half-hour episodes.

Check your local listings for when the show airs in your area.  And be sure to visit the PBS website for some fun Cat in the Hat onlines games, videos and activities that kids will love (and learn with too!)


More Dr. Seuss Resources

Looking for fun ways to connect Dr. Seuss books and activities?  Here are a few outstanding resources that can be used at home or in the classroom:

100+ Printable Games & Coloring sheets for kids from Seussville

40 Animal Habitat Projects that pair the The Cat in the Hat book series

17 Dr. Seuss & Cat in the Hat Games to Play

Fun lesson plan ideas from Apples 4 the Teacher

Dr. Seuss party printables from Catch My Party

500 Dr. Seuss crafts & activities at Pichea Place

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