20 Outdoor Fall Science Activities

20 Fall inspired science activities & experiments for preschoolers, kindergarten & elementary age kids!

I just LOVE Fall! 

Especially getting outside to enjoy the weather -- which always leads me to think about a few fun Fall themed science activities for kids.

With all the seasonal changes, science in the Fall can be so easy to come by and so colorful too -- kids will typically ask questions like "why do leaves change colors?", they look forward to making leaf rubbings and eagerly collect various nature items like pinecones & acorns for projects!

So today I hope to inspire you with some seasonal science -- experiments with leaves, apples, pumpkins and more Autumn favorites!

  20 Easy Fall science activities for preschoolers, kindergarten and elementary age kids

Fall Science Activities & Experiments

There's a LOT of science that happens outside during the Fall season:

  • leaves change colors
  • animals start hibernation, migration or adaptation behaviors
  • the night sky begins to shift - kids probably notice you can see the moon both at night & in the morning
  • the days become shorter and cooler
  • and trees begin to shed both their leaves and seeds

One of the best parts about exploring science in the Fall is being able to make a mess outside :) 

In addition to talking with kids about the seasonal changes they see around them, try a few of these hands-on activities and experiments that introduce your kids to different science concepts.  We've included affiliate links to some of our favorite items that are great for exploring Autumn science too!


Fall Leaf & Tree Science

Go on a Leaf Scavenger Hunt {free printable included}

Explore The Art & Science of Leaf Rubbings

Or if you don't have a variety of leaves in your area, try these Leaf Rubbing plates for kids with leaf guide!

The Hidden Colors in a Leaf -- Share it! Science

Learn how a leaf gets water -- Learn, Play, Imagine

And you can also watch a leaf breathe with this awesome & easy experiment!

Create a Pinecone Weather Station (this is so cool!) -- Science Sparks

Play a game with Name that Tree! leaf & tree identification activity using these free printable tags!


Night-time Fall Science Activities

Test Gravity with Apples -- Little Bins for Little Hands

Track migration patterns with this Bird Watching Kit for kids!

Track the Phases of the Moon with these great hands-on science activites.

Learn about bats with these Bat books & nighttime activities!

Or explore life after dark with this FREE printable Nocturnal Scavenger hunt!

Take an evening walk with these Constellations Knowledge Cards and learn about the stars in your neighborhood!


More Awesome Fall Science Projects

Explore Citizen Scientist Projects for Kids to do at home!

Grow a pumpkin inside a pumpkin! -- Life with Moore Babies

Learn what animals do in the Fall with these books on hibernation & migration!

Use your 5 Senses & Guess what's in the Fall Bag -- The Pleasantest Thing

Set up an Animal Tracking Station in your yard! -- Creekside Learning

Create an Autumn Nature Table (The Imagination Tree) or Fall Nature Science Tray and get an up close look at seasonal changes!

Younger kids will enjoy exploring the season with this Sunflower & Corn cob activity -- Happy Hooligans

And if you're looking for more outdoor science, we also recommend the Outdoor Science Lab for Kids!

 fall and Halloween science activities for kids

Halloween Science Experiements for Fall

Another fun time to explore science is during Halloween so I wanted to include some bonus science activities for the holiday.

Try these fun outdoor ideas for trick or treat learning -- most are perfect for a class party too!

Turn a Pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern with this easy Halloween Optical Illusion!

Exploding Ghost Experiment -- Three Ghost Friends

Experiment with Melting Halloween Hands -- Happy Hooligans

Make your Jack o'lantern erupt! -- Growing a Jeweled Rose

See what happens when a Jack o'lantern rots -- Kids Activities blog

Create a Ghost Balloon -- Preschool Powol Packets


Looking for more STEM ideas? 

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