30 Fun Things to do in June: Holidays & Observances

Sometimes creating fun memories is as simple as celebrating a day together -- so I thought I would share some of the fun & unique June Observation Days that families will enjoy!

It seems that there is a Fun Day celebration for everything under the sun -- Hug your Cat Day or Make a Sandwich Day (odd but true).

And the whole concept of there being days unique observances is a little foreign to kids -- except when they ask you "There's a Mother's Day and a Father's Day, so when is it Kid's Day?" 

Of course, we all answer "Every day is Kid's Day", right ;)

For June, choose a few observation days that fit your family's life -- maybe you're an outdoorsy group and want to do something special for National Get Outdoors Day.

Or maybe your kids LOVE Bomb Pops -- then make National Bomb Pop Day a new family tradition.

In line with our $0 Summer: Fun & Free Ways to Make Memories with the Kids philosophy, it doesn't have to be time-consuming or expensive -- it's the little things that create BIG impressions!


 fun things to do in June

Fun Things to do in June

Please note that some of these fun days are specific for 2016 -- certain observances may fall on the 'third Monday' or 'last week' of the month so they will change each year.

We've included some unique ideas for celebrating along with affiliate links to items that should help kick-start your creativity.  Ask the kids how they would celebrate -- kids come up with the most AWESOME ideas!


June 8th

National Best Friends Day -- hang out with your bestie!


get outdoors day


June 11th

National Get Outdoors Day -- so many ways to enjoy the outdoors!  Why not grab this free printable Playground Scavenger Hunt and see how many you can find at the park!

National Corn on the Cob Day -- have the kids favorite for dinner tonight ;)


June 12th

National Peanut Butter Cookie Day -- try these healthy, no-bake peanut butter squares that the kids can help make!


June 13th

National Weed your Garden Day -- or get outside & have the kids help take care of the garden ;)  Here's a few great garden books for story time once you're done weeding (incentive is always a great thing).


fun things to do in June

June 14th

National Flag Day -- many cities will host a parade or an amazing display of flags!  Get the kids involved with a book about the flag or a fun flag craft they'll enjoy and it's also a great time to start July 4th prep! 

You can also teach kids the proper way to fold a flag (I totally remember learning this in elementary school & I still use it today).

National Strawberry Short Cake Day -- if there's a stawberry patch new you, head out and pick your own strawberries for a fresh treat!

It's also National Children's Sunday -- see they do have a day for kids ;)

And National Pop Goes the Weasel Day -- do you know the song?  Kids love to sing & act it out!


June 15th

Nature Photography Day -- grab the camera or your phone and head outside to see what awesome nature shots you can take!  It's the perfect day to teach kids a little about photography -- such as lining up your shot, moving closer and how to snap a photo without scaring away the animals ;)

Fly a Kite Day -- head to the park and send your kite soaring!  Here are a few activities that focus on the science of kite flying the kids will enjoy.


June 16th

National Fudge Day -- another fun way to get the kids in the kitchen for a make your own fudge session.


June 17th

National Eat Your Vegetables Day -- is anyone other than me laughing at how this follows National Fudge Day :)  Why not head to the Farmer's Market and try a new vegetable today!


June 18th

National Go Fishing Day --  have you been meaning to teach the kids to fish?  Today's the day :)  They make super fun kid-sized fishing poles that are perfect for beginners and fishing is such a great outdoor family activity.

International Picnic Day -- mix it up and have a breakfast picnic today!  A few times each summer, I'll grab our favorite Outdoor Picnic Blanket along with bagels and fruit for a quick & fun outdoor breakfast :) 


 fun things to do in June

June 19th

National Flip Flop Daymake your own fun flip flops with this easy tutorial from Running with Glitter.


June 20th

So today is BOTH National Vanilla Milkshake Day &  National Ice Cream Soda Day -- the perfect day for a kid-friendly cold beverage!


June 21

Father’s Day – do something nice for Dad!  Looking for a gift idea?  See our 14 Fantastic Father's Day Gifts

World Music Day -- turn on a few of your favorite tunes today!  Or introduce the kids to a new type of music (jazz, reggae).  You can also make some wonderful DIY musical instruments from recycled materials and enjoy creating your own music.

National Daylight Appreciation Day -- it's the longest day of the year so get out and enjoy it!  Here are 20 Fun Ways to Enjoy a Summer Evening.


June 24th

Swim a Lap Day -- time to get the kids in the pool! 


fun things to do in June

photo credit: Will Cook for Friends


June 25th

National Bomb Pop Day – how many kids are going to LOVE knowing that this is an unofficial holiday ;)  Want to make your own?  Head over to Will Cook for Friends for a healthy version of the classic treat!  One of the best summer items we've purchased is a set of drip-free Popsicle Molds so we can make healthy versions of our favorite ice pops!

National Handshake Day –- do your kids know how to shake someone's hand?  It's a great life skill so teach them how today!


June 26th

National Canoe Day -- if you haven't tried canoeing with the kids, it's really an awesome family activity!


 canoe with kids


June 27th

National Sun Glasses Day -- be cool and wear your shades all day, even inside!  Plus the perfect time to talk to the kids about protecting their eyes from the sun.

Great American Backyard Camp-out -- whether you head to the park or even camp-out in your own backyard, the kids will LOVE a night in the tent!  Here's some great books to read on your camp-out + places to find free camping too!


June 28th

National Paul Bunyan Day -- do your kids know the famous tall tale of Paul Bunyan?  Great day to head to the library and check it out!


June 29th

National Camera Day -- be a shutterbug today and capture the best of summer!  Print this Outdoor Photo Scavenger Hunt challenge as a fun way to teach the kids about photography.  If you want to make this a family tradition, take a family selfie every June 29th and see how much everyone changes in a year's time.


Monthly Observations for June

National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month -- head to the Farmer's Market and see what seasonal items you can introduce to the kids this month!

National Camping Month -- think s'mores, tents and time to unplug!  Plus these awesome camping activities from the National Wildlife Federation.

National Dairy Month -- have a dairy farm near you?  Take the kids on a tour so they can see where their milk comes from starting with the cow!

National Great Outdoors Month -- create your own DIY Nature Notebook or explore more fun ways to spend time outside on our Get Outdoors! Pinterest board:

Follow Jacquie @ Edventures w/ Kids's board Get Outdoors on Pinterest.


How will you enjoy the month of June?


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