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12 Fantastic Fractured Fairy Tale Books

Laugh out loud with these funny fairy tale books of favorite retellings for kids & tweens!

My daughter is a princess-loving girl but she’s also a kid with a great sense of humor. 

She loves to read books with puns, clever twists and funny dialogue.  So fractured fairy tales have been very popular on our library lists!

A fractured fairy tale is a clever take on one of the tradition stories we all know and love.  In the clever retelling, the author will add humor, modern language, change the traits of some of the characters or add different events.



12 Funny Fractured Fairy Tale Books

Of course, the stories are much more fun if your child knows the original fairy tale before reading the ‘fractured’ version.  So be sure to read the traditional story first.

One of my favorite reasons to read these types of stories with kids is to develop their sense of humor and creativity! 

The authors are highly creative in their retelling of the original story and it’s so much fun to see what parts of the book are most entertaining to the kids.  You can also ask them how they would change the story if they were to rewrite it.

Here are a few of our favorites along with affiliate links for your information and convenience. 


Funny Fairy Tale Stories for Preschool & Elementary


Kids will laugh out loud at Falling For Rapunzel, as the prince tries to ask Rapunzel to toss down her ‘hair’ but she is too high up in the tower to hear him correctly.  As Rapunzel continues to throw odd items out of the window, the prince becomes less enamoured with his potential princess.  A riot for kids ages 5 – 10 years!


So what happens AFTER the princess kisses the frog and turns him into a prince?  Well, life is not all bells & whistles in The Frog Prince, Continued.  The prince misses life in the swamp and the princess isn’t too keen on her new hubby’s habits.  A great lesson in “be careful what you wish for” that kids ages 5 – 11 will enjoy!



Author Jon Scieszka is a master at retelling fairy tales with a punch!  And from the villians point of view too!  Enjoy these wonderful stories of how the heros of the story are maybe not so heroic and the bad guy really isn’t that bad after all.  Try The True Story of the Three Little Pigs  and Honestly, Red Riding Hood Was Rotten!: The Story of Little Red Riding Hood as Told by the Wolf (The Other Side of the Story) to hear the wolves’ point of view of how things unfolded.  And Seriously, Cinderella Is SO Annoying!: The Story of Cinderella as Told by the Wicked Stepmother (The Other Side of the Story) gives the reader an inside look at the Wicked Stepmother feelings on the whole situation.  Great for kids ages 7 – 11 years.


Waking Beauty is a laugh-out-loud look at what happens when the prince has his OWN ideas for waking up the princess.  Instead of kissing her, why not jump on the bed or pour water on her?!  The Fairy Godmothers do their best to direct him but it’s hard to convince him it’s a kiss that’s needed.  Young boys & girls will so identify with this funny read for ages 5 – 10 years.


Fractured Fairy Tales for the Tween Set


For older kids, the Grimmtastic Girls is a great series! 

In the first installment, Cinderella Stays Late, Cinderella is starting her first week at Grimm Academy on the wrong foot and her evil stepsisters are out to make her life miserable. But when Cinda overhears the Steps plotting a villainous deed that could ruin Prince Awesome’s ball, Cinda, her new friends, and a pair of magical glass slippers have to stop them–before the last stroke of midnight!

The 2nd book in the series, Red Riding Hood Gets Lost highlights the adventures of Red Riding Hood as she tries out for the school play. Even though acting is her dream, she has stage fright! But her acting skills come in handy when she sets out to learn who’s involved with E.V.I.L. and how she can help to stop them.

If the kids enjoy the books, also try the rest of the series:  Snow White Lucks Out and Rapunzel Cuts Loose.


A very creative take on the story of Cinderella, Ella Enchanted has some great lessons for kids such as how to stand up for yourself and overcome obstacles in life.  Ella was cursed with a spell that makes her do whatever anyone tells her to do.  When her evil stepsisters figure out how the curse works, they begin to use it to their advantage.  But Ella just can’t live like this so she sets out on an adventure to find the fairy who can turn things around!


In a very clever twist on fairy tales, this new series combines the modern world with the lands we know from stories.  The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell is the first in the series where twins Connor and Alex find themselves in a world of make-believe stories.  And getting home is going to be a much more difficult task than they first think it to be.  One of the unique parts of this book is that many fairy tales are intertwined together so it’s fun for the reader to identify the various stories in each book.



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