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10 Ways to Stay Healthy BEFORE the New Year

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The holidays are here which usually means parties, cookies, a lack of time to devote to exercise and a New Year’s resolution to “do better next year”.

But Don’t!

Don’t push off keeping yourself healthy — you deserve to be healthy NOW and still enjoy the holidays!

Yes, it can be done.

I know what you’re thinking– that I’m going to tell you to eat less of Grandma’s amazing cookies.  Well, I’m not!  The holidays are a time to celebrate, right?

However, there are some super simple ways to eat healthy, squeeze in some exercise and start the New Year off on the right foot! 

Staying Healthy During the Holidays




In fact, Santa & Mrs. Claus are working on their own ways to stay healthy during the holidays — here’s a few ideas for your family too.


1.  Follow the “One-to-One” Rule

When attending parties or holiday gatherings — for each treat item you choose to eat (cookies, glass of wine, hors d’oeuvres) match it with a healthy item (something from the veggie tray, fruit, glass of water, etc).


2. Keep a Healthy Heart

Studies show that instances of heart attacks increase over the holiday season which makes December the perfect time to think about the health of your heart.  Getting active and eating foods with Omega-3’s & Vitamin D help to keep your heart healthy.


3.  Get your rest! 

Lack of sleep leads to extra snacking and a decreased desire to exercise.  Those extra zzz’s will really pay off in keeping your mood up and strengthening your immune system too during such a busy season!


4. Enjoy the Lights!

And speaking of exercise, weave in a few fun ways to get moving this holiday.  Why not enjoy a walk through the neighborhood while you scout out the lights.  Or put on some holiday music and challenge the family to a dance off 🙂 

5.  Ditch the cookie exchange at work! 

We all have so much food around us during the holidays, why add another reason to eat 😉  Try organizing some crazy office games (see our Holiday Minute to Win It games) or doing a volunteer project together. 


Keep fruit in plain sight for healthy snacking

6.  Keep fresh fruit out in plain sight! 

People are more likely to reach for an orange or banana if it’s right in front of them rather that going into the pantry for snack foods.  Put some healthy foods out on the counter or table to encourage good snacking.


7.  Give a favorite recipe a face lift! 

Instead of adding sugar to those sweet potatoes, try real maple syrup instead.  Or make those mashed potatoes with califlower.  There are so many easy ways to make your favorite dishes with less sugar, salt and calories — just search any of  your favorite cooking sites or look on Pinterest for a ton of ideas.



8. Keep Up with the Kids

Santa is joing in  on the reindeer games — why not join your kids for your own winter fun!  Instead of sending the kids out to build a snowman, go help them!  Try sledding, skiing or going for a family hike together.



Getting Healthy at the North Pole

9.  Take a Tip from Santa

Santa & Mrs. Claus are integrating healthy activities and exercise throughout their day too!  You can visit them to learn more about how they are integrating fresh veggies and heart healthy foods their your diet.


See, staying healthy is something that can be done year-round — no need for another New Year’s resolution! 

What tips do you have for helping your family to eat healthy and stay active?



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