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10 Ways to Connect with Kids in 15 Minutes or Less


School is starting again which means less family time during the week.  Somtimes it’s hard to get kids to talk about their day, or just talk in general!  

Try one of these ideas for sparking a conversation and connecting with kids!


10 Ways to Connect with Kids


1.  Read the comics together 

ave each person choose their favorite and take turns reading aloud!


2.  Learn about their favorite app 

And then play it with them (my 14-year old got my husband hooked on “Fruit Ninja”).  If you have older kids, try Words with Friends to practice spelling!


3.  Help them practice something for school 

Spelling words, state capitals, memorizing math formulas.  And this can be easily done in the car, while waiting in line at the grocery store or during dinner prep.  Homework’s always more fun when someone helps!


4.  Tell them a story about when you were their age

Kids love to learn about their family and are especially interested in how their parents lived when they were younger.



5.  Go outside! 

Shoot baskets, take a walk, swing on the swings, or go play at the park – breathe some fresh air!


6.  Look at the stars 

Head outside at night and find a constellation or watch the moon.  Here’s a sky map of the winter star chart.


7.  Fix something together 

Tighten a loose door handle, fix a sticky window, find anything that needs new batteries.  Kids love to help out, and all too soon, they will be off on their own.  Teach them some basic DIY skills:  using a screwdriver = “lefty loosie, righty tighty”; the difference between a flathead and Phillips head screwdriver, or changing batteries = checking for the proper +/- current.


8.  Discuss a current event or topic 

Talk about the world and what’s going on around us.  Kids can learn about how to help, geography, and what we value in our lives.


9.  Teach them some manners

No really, this can be fun!  Show them how to shake someone’s hand, introduce yourself, answer a telephone the polite way or when to send a thank you note.


gingerbread cookies

 10.  Use food as an opening 

 Ask them to pick out a new recipe, help you bake cookies or teach them how to crack an egg.  Kids love to be ‘hands-on’ in the kitchen, and face it, almost any of us would love the company.


How do you spend time with your kids when you only have a few minutes?


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