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We've been discussing the idea of gratitude this month -- what we are thankful for and how we can show appreciation for our blessings.

As I was reading through the activities shared this week on the Discover & Explore linky, I saw a number of great ideas & activities that help kids understand more about gratitude.


As adults, we are more aware of why we are thankful.  But for kids, this is a harder concept to grasp.  Many children don't understand the idea that some of the things they have in their life (such as toys to play with, good schools, warm clothes and even daily meals) are not available to everyone.


7 Activities that Teach Gratitude

Teaching Kids about Gratitude

So how can we teach kids about gratitude and being thankful? 

Try some of these great activities that help kids to verbalize and visualize specific things in their life that they appreciate.  Let them tell you why they are thankful - they might begin with "because I watched my favorite tv show today" and that's great.  It helps us to know what they notice and enjoy in their daily life. 

As you create one of the projects, be sure to tell the kids why you are grateful.  So many of us will say we are thankful for the health of our families, for being able to provide basic needs and for the sticky kisses we get each day.  It's important to share these ideas with our kids so they begin to understand what WE value and appreciate too.


Play the Gratitude Game -- Afterschool for Smarty Pants

Create a Thankful Tree -- Makeovers & Motherhood

Make a Gratitude Board -- Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

Gratitude Napkin Rings -- Creating Connections

Make a "I am Thankful for" Book -- The Stay-at-Home Mom Survival Guide

Construct a Thankful Tree -- Mrs. O'Daniels

Kid-friendly Service Projects -- Makeovers & Motherhood


I am so very thankful for each of you who stop by to visit us, share your activities and leave the wonderful comments that make me smile!


And best wishes for a happy, healthy & relaxing Thanksgiving!


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Jacquie, thanks so much for including my simple book idea in your round up. I am off to do some pinning of the others listed!

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