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Indoor Winter Games for Kids


This week, I've realized that winter is coming. 

Scratch that – winter is here (at least in most of the country). 

The temperatures have dipped so low that getting outside is sometimes difficult even for a nature loving girl like myself.

So it’s always good to have some fun indoor activities ready & waiting – great for rainy days or frigid temps!  And we thought it would be a great topic for the linky this week –

Discover & Explore Indoor Play and Games


Holiday Charades with free printable


Indoor Fun for the Family

Baby it’s cold outside and you’re stuck in the house with the kids – what’s a family to do? 

Grab some paper or a dry erase board and some makers and you can play a fun, energetic winter game.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Charades and Pictionary, right!  Well, this game can be used both ways. 

Print out this free set of winter words and cut them into strips.  Then put them all in a stocking, festive bag or hat so each person can choose which word they will draw or act out.

(Tip: If the kids are squirrely, I would definitely recommend the Charades version of the game to burn off some energy!)

Just in case you aren't familiar with the rules, each player chooses a slip from the stocking/bag and without sharing the word or talking, they must either act out or draw the word for others to guess.  Whoever guesses correctly earns the next turn to choose a word.


Fun Holiday Drawing Game for Kids

Super easy, super fun & usually super funny! 

I mean, have you ever tried to draw a ‘blizzard’ on a white piece of paper?! 

Or act out the word ‘snow’?! 

It will keep the kids thinking as they bend their brains to guess the right word or twist their mind to think about how to draw each clue.


Indoor Fun for the Kids

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Guest - Michael on Friday, 13 December 2013 19:20

Love your ideas...Check out the ideas for custom indoor playhouses! Hours of fun for the kids when there is bad weather!

Love your ideas...Check out the ideas for custom indoor playhouses! Hours of fun for the kids when there is bad weather!
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