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Well, it’s that time of year again – back to school! I know many kids have mixed feelings about starting a new school year and some are a little anxious about moving up a grade.  Try reading a few books (or having older kids read themselves) about the grade they are about to enter.

Here’s a list of fun books to read at the end of summer (from Preschool thru Middle School) before kids start in their new classroom.

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We had a mishap at our house this week – our youngest leaned on the soap holder while showering and ripped it (along with some tiles) off the wall!  I realized that I have told my kids to rinse their hair really well, check the water before getting in, and step on the bathmat when getting out – but I never said anything about leaning on the soap holder. 

So, I got to thinking about other things that kids should know that we may have forgotten to tell them – here are a few:

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