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Marvelous Books for Mother’s Day

Today we’re celebrating all things Mom. 

Mother’s Day is a time when kids express how much they appreciate all the things Moms do for them all year round.  Homemade cards for Mom, hand-picked flowers and maybe even breakfast in bed top the list of kind gestures.

Last year I enjoyed some delicious blueberry pancakes — and the kids even cleaned up the kitchen after the mess, I mean breakfast 🙂

One of my favorite Mother’s Day memories was flying kites at a local park one year — it was the perfect get-away-from-the-madness activity that gave us all time to just be together.


Great Stories for Mother’s Day

It’s also a great time for the kids to cozy up and read a book to Mom (because honestly, Mom might not be able to get through some of these wonderful stories without a few tears). 

Here are a some of the stories that we’ve shared over the years along with affiliate links so you can learn more about each title. 

Which are my favorites? 

Are You My Mother? was the first book my son ever read to me — he had memorized it at age 2 and would recite it word-for-word during our storytimes.

And Ramona and Her Mother was a book my daughter & I shared when she was going through her independent stage (our life mirrored the story).

From my perspective, I believe the books that become your favorites are less about the story and more about the memories that are made as you read.

ps. For all the Dads and Kids looking for a nice gift for Mom — buy one of these books and have the kids write a note to Mom inside the cover!  She’ll cherish that much longer than flowers or candy 😉


A Chair for My Mother – a classic story of sacrifice and how one young girl finds a simple way to show her Mother how much she is appreciated for all her hard work.

Just Me and My Mom (A Little Critter Book) – Little Critter enjoys a fun day out with Mom, even with a few of the mishaps along the way.

The Kissing Hand – a story that is usually read on the first day of school shares that a mother’s love goes with you no matter where you are.

Are You My Mother? – when a young bird hatches, he heads out to find his mother with some hilarious results.

The Night Before Mother’s Day –  a fun look at how Dad and the kids prepare for Mother’s Day.

What NOT to Give Your Mom on Mother’s Day – Not sure what to give Mom on Mother’s Day?  Here’s a great guide on what she probably doesn’t want!

Someday – a beautiful story of a mother who shares her hopes and dreams with her young daughter (almost guaranteed to need a tissue for the happy tears you may have with this read).

Love You Forever – not sure any Mom can get through this book without getting choked up.  A beautiful portrait of the mother/child bond through their lives.

I Love You, Stinky Face – a very cute read about a child who wants to know if his Mom will love him when he’s NOT an adorable child.

Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You – this is a great book to give to the kids when they graduate high school and set off on their own — no matter where you go, a Mother’s love will find you.

Ramona and Her Mother – this is a wonderful read-aloud chapter book!  Ramona wants to be treated ‘older’ by her mother but mom always sees her as ‘her little girl’.  A great look at the struggles some kids feel as they move from being a little kid to a big kid.


Mother’s Day Activities

Looking for a beautiful craft to make for Grandma or a fun activity to do with Mom?  Visit some of these wonderful ideas!

Rainbow Painted Flower Pot

Handmade Cards for Mom or Grandma