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Winter Books For Kids and Teens


Winter Books for Kids & Teens

We knew it would arrive at some point – colder temps are upon us. 

What a great incentive to curl up with a good book (fireplace & hot cocoa recommended!).


When Winter Comes by Nancy Van Laan

A family bundles up for a walk in the winter weather.  The poetic text and paintings allow the reader to experience the wonderful oncoming of winter and the questions that every child asks during the changing of a season.

Best for: Ages 2 – 7


Hibernation Station by Michelle Meadows & Kurt Cyrus

Adorable animals board the log-built train as they make their way to hibernate for the winter.  An cuddly look at animals preparing for cold weather!

Best for:  Ages 2 – 8


Animals in Winter by Henrietta Bancroft and Helen K. Davie

Kids can learn how animals survive the winter.  Book discusses migration, hibernation and includes beautiful illustrations.

Best for: Ages 3 – 7

A Warm Winter Tail by Carrie A. Pearson

How do animals stay warm in winter?  A great book with science facts about how animals cope during the winter months.

Best for:  Ages 3 – 8


Winter:  An Alphabet Acrostic by Steven Schnur

Twenty-six acrostic poems are paired with creative illustrations that walk the reader through winter experiences.  Make sure to explore the details in the pictures and discuss how each word is used to create a poem.

Best for: Ages 3 – 9


The Big Snow by Berta Hader & Elmer Hader

As the animals notice winter is coming,  they begin to prepare.  And then comes the big storm!  Children will enjoy the alternating black & white and color drawings.  Winner of a Caldecott Medal.

Best for:  Ages 3 – 9


Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin

A true story of a farm boy in Vermont who becames captivated by snowflakes.  He grew up to be the first person to ever photograph a snowflake.  Sidebars throughout the story explore the science of snow.  Winner of a Caldecott Medal.

Best for:  Ages 5 – 10


The Story of Snow:  The Science of Winter’s Wonder by Mark Cassino

A great non-fiction look at the details of snowflakes.  Learn about the crystals, colors and creation of these beautiful wonders of nature!

Best for: Ages 7 – 12, especially kids who love science & nature, or ask a lot of ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions!


The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Experience winter on the prairie in 1880 with Laura, Mary, Carrie, Ma, Pa and their friends in Walnut Grove.  Winner of a Newbery Honor.

Best for: Family read-aloud


Gooseberry Park by Cynthia Rylant

Three animals friends must figure out where to relocate a mother squirrel and her young babies after a horrible ice storm destroys her house.  A family favorite with lots of humor!

Best for:  Family read-aloud


Snow Treasure by Marie McSwigan

A classic story of how a group of children save their country’s teasures by transporting gold bars on their sleds past the Nazis in 1940.  A thrilling read that shows the bravery and leadership of kids!

Best for:  Ages 8 – 12


Brian’s Winter by Gary Paulsen

This is the account of Brian, our hero from the novel Hatchet, and what would have happened if he was never rescued.  How does a 13-year-old survive the winter in the Canadian wilderness. 

Best for: Ages 10 – 15 especially those who love adventure reads!


Blizzard!: The Storm that Changed America by Jim Murphy

A historic account of the blizzard of March 12, 1888.  Based on personal accounts and news stories, the reader feels that they too are experiencing one of the worst natural disasters in this country’s history.

Best for:  Ages 10 – 15


Trapped by Michael Northrup

An page-turning adventure about seven teens who are trapped at their high school during a blizzard.  As the snows builds up and the electricity and food run out, the kids must decide how to work together and try to survive.

Best for:  Ages 13 – 16