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17 Fun Fall Activities



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When’s the last time your kid looked under a rock? 

Fall is the perfect time to be outdoors and enjoy the foliage, the weather and time with each other! 

Grab the kids and head out on a new fall adventure….



1.  Go on a Hike

Explore the trails at your local park!  Grab your sneakers, some water and a fun trail mix — then head outside!



2.  Pick Apples

Spend an afternoon picking apples at a local orchard.  Then head home for some homemade apple pie!  You-pick farms are located throughout the world – find one near you.



3.  Choose a Pumpkin

Head out to a pumpkin patch to find that perfect pumpkin this year!  Let the kids crawl through and search for the perfect gourd.  Oh, and when you carve that jack-o-lantern, don’t forget to toast the seeds for a yummy snack!



4.  Look at the Foliage

Leaf peeping is a fall tradition!  Whether you decide to take a drive of a scenic area or hike through the woods, it’s always wonderful to see the amazing fall colors.  Check your fall foliage report to see when colors are at their peak!


5.  Visit a Corn Maze

Get out and get lost at an area corn maze!  Kids will enjoy exploring the twists and turns as they try to master the maze.  Find one near you and go exploring.



6.  Enjoy a Campfire

Cool nights, warm fire, s’mores….nuff said!



7.  Learn to Canoe or Zipline

Fun activities for families — do something adventurous this fall!  Check your local parks and rec department to see where you can rent a canoe, sign-up for a family canoe class or ride a zip-line.



8.  Find a Fall Festival

Festivals abound in the fall – garden show, art festivals, parades and outdoor fairs! 


9.  Go Fishing

Always a fun pasttime, check out your luck at a local pond or lake. 


10.  Visit an Arboretum

See what’s growing, turning colors or shedding it’s leaves this fall at the arboretum or local gardens.  Many of these locations have wonderful walking trails, artwork and nature hunts for kids.



11.  Head out to the Zoo

The cooler weather means more active animals.  If you enjoy seeing lions and tigers and bears (oh my!), visit your local zoo and see what the animals are up to this month.


12.  Spend a Day at the Parks

There’s lot of green space, walking trails and things to do at your local park!  And kids love to view wildlife — why not explore a new park this fall.



13.  Explore Close to Home

Just spending some time in your own backyard or neighborhood park does wonders when it comes to connecting with nature.  Let the kids look under rocks, roll down a hill or play in the leaves.

Or make your own Leaf Maze via Gratefully Growing in Grace



14.  Stop by a Nature Center

One of the best places to explore what’s going on with some of your favorite animal friends – nature centers and sanctuarys are hopping during the Fall season with many programs and workshops available.


15.  Take a Moon Walk

Make sure you head outdoors at night too!  Kids love the wonder of fall evenings.  Check out the Harvest Moon during the fall months or plan to take a Night Hike.



16.  Go on a Creature Hunt

Animal-watching in the fun can be very entertaining.  Watching the squirrels hunt down nuts, listening for owls in the evening or watching for migrating animals (butterflies, geese, etc.) are very enjoyable ways to spend a relaxing afternoon.


17.  Create some Outdoor Art

Making something creative using natural items is so much fun for kids.  Try a few of these projects:

Create amazing Leaf Drawings with the Artful Parent

Structure a great Fall Mobile from Red Ted Art

Explore a little science with this Fall Nature Tray.

Or give your kids a BIG canvas outdoors!


Have a wonderful Fall season!!

~ Jacquie