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DIY Super-Easy Last Minute Costumes for Kids


Halloween’s almost here and the kids still aren’t sure what they want to be that day?!? 

Not to worry – here are a few SUPER EASY & super cute ideas for inexpensive costumes! 


I love that kids want to be creative at Halloween, and as long as mine chose to use items we had around the house (or were easy and inexpensive to get), I didn’t stress about a last-minute costume. 

Here are a few ideas for easy costumes using things you can probably find at home or from a friend — maybe there will be something to inspire your little trick-or-treater.


Peter Pan

We loved this costume!  Green tights or leggings, adult green t-shirt cut to points at the bottom and sleeves, then belt with a rope or twine (something soft that won’t scratch). 

We just covered the shoes with a pair of brown men’s socks to look like booties.  And the hat was an old elves’ hat (which you can also make from 2 pieces of craft felt cut into a triangle and glued or sewed together).




Think all white — shirt, pants or skirt, sweater.  Then just add wings and a halo – try this easy set of wings made from coffee filters from Real Simple or this cute halo from instructables.   



Sports costumes

Sports Player

What younger sibling doesn’t want to dress up like an older brother or sister!  Let them be a football player, soccer star or lacrosse fanatic. 

Just make sure that you secure the gear so the kids can see and they don’t trip!




Sid the Salesman

This was a ‘down-to-the-minute’ costume that my son came up with one year — and he got so many compliments on it.  He was a travelling salesman who was ‘selling candy’.  We used a small, old suitcase for his trick-or-treak bag, along with an old suit coat and hat that we had in the closet.




Hole in One

Once the kids are older and have a sense of humor, they love the ‘play-on-words’ costumes!  My son is a golfer, so this ‘hole-in-one’ costume fit his personality and was super easy (just use poster board and wear all black or ‘green’ if you’re really into golf).

Other fun play-on-word or pun costumes could be:

  • Tape ‘Smarties’ candy to your jeans and go as ‘Smarty Pants’
  • Put quarters on the back of your shirt and go as a ‘quarterback’




Anything from your dress-up area

You know all those times when the kids ask “Can I wear this to the library?” or “Why can’t I go grocery shopping as a princess?” — just remind them that they don’t need something new since so many people haven’t yet seen them in their dress-up stuff!




Snake Wrangler

Got a kid who’s into nature shows or animals?  How about going as a zoo-keeper, animal trainer or the like.  This was just a safari hat, khaki fishing vest and rubber snakes.


What will your kids be this Halloween?  I’d love to know! 



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