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Children’s Books about Countries Around the World

There are a lot of fun ways to introduce kids to geography and different cultures. 

We love to use maps with different activities to explore the world.  Having a map in your home is an inexpensive but excellent learning tool!

We also love reading books that introduce us to different places across the globe.


Kids Books that Take You Across the Globe

There are some wonderful book series that highlight different places from around the world. Each of these four book sets features favorite places that will enthrall kids as they read.  We’ve included affiliate links for the books along with our favorite map items to make your arm-chair travels a little easier.

It’s a great idea to have a map or globe next to you as you read — your kids will enjoy locating the countries and cities mentioned in the stories.

If you don’t have a map or globe, here are a few of our favorites for kids:

Illustrated Map of the World for Kids (Children’s World Map)

The World Map Wall decals for Children

Explore the World Placemat

Enjoy your trip!


I’m sure you remember the story of Madeline from childhood — “In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines…” — it’s a classic!  But did you know that Madeline also travels to other cities? 

Some of the newer books have been edited and released by the author’s grandson who is carrying on the series.  Enjoy exploring some fun cities with Madeline and her friends:

Madeline in London

Madeline and the Cats of Rome

Madeline at the White House

Madeline In America And Other Holiday Tales


Another lover of world traveler is Dodsworth (and his duck)!  Dodsworth loves adventure so he sets off to explore different cities. 

You’ll love the funny things his duck does as they travel and the illustrations are really fun (kind of retro which fits the traveling theme).  Follow along with these books —

Dodsworth in Paris

Dodsworth in New York

Dodsworth in Rome

Dodsworth in Tokyo


Bella & Harry are two Chihuahuas who love to travel with their family — and boy do they travel!  This book series covers a dozen locations from around the world.  In each new place, they discover fun foods, great sights and enjoy the local culture! 

Kids will enjoy learning new phrases from each country along with great information about well-known attractions and well-known. 

Let’s Visit Dublin!: Adventures of Bella & Harry

Let’s Visit Paris!: Adventures of Bella & Harry

Let’s Visit London!: Adventures of Bella & Harry

Let’s Visit Rome!: Adventures of Bella & Harry

Let’s Visit Venice!: Adventures of Bella & Harry

Let’s Visit Barcelona!: Adventures of Bella & Harry

Let’s Visit Edinburgh!: Adventures of Bella & Harry

Let’s Visit Jerusalem!: Adventures of Bella & Harry

Let’s Visit Cairo!: Adventures of Bella & Harry

Let’s Visit Istanbul!: Adventures of Bella & Harry

Let’s Visit Athens!: Adventures of Bella & Harry

Let’s Visit Maui!: Adventures of Bella & Harry


I adore this classic children’s series — one of the first to take kids around the world through books.  Reading like a nonfiction book, they are chocked full of great details on each of the locations including the names of streets, newspapers, lifestyle customs and daily accounts of those living in the city or county. 

And the appendix keeps the series fresh as it includes updated information.  Enjoy traveling the world with —

This Is Venice

This Is Texas

This is Rome

This is Paris

This is London

This is San Francisco

This Is New York

This is Washington, D.C.


More Fun Ways to Explore the World

Enjoy these activities and ideas for geography, cultural activities and fun ways for kids to explore the world.

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