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Celebrate Leap Day 2012

Celebrate Leap Day 2012

It only happens once every 4 years – so have some fun with your kids this Leap Day!  Create a time capsule, do something crazy or cozy up with a good read.  Put the extra day to good use by spending it with your kids.


Create a Leap Day Time Capsule

This can be done at home with the family, or as a class activity.  Have your kids decorate a shoebox or oatmeal container and fill it with items you gather during the last week in February. 

Some ideas might include:

  • pictures of the family
  • a grocery receipt
  • a list of questions & answers for each child:
    • who are your closest friends?
    • what is your favorite activity this year?
    • what is your favorite tv show/song?
    • what books are you reading?
    • what do you think you’ll be doing in 4 years?

Then pack the time capsule away somewhere and don’t open it until the next Leap Day.  Kids will get a kick out of seeing the old pictures and learning how much things change in four years


Do Something Off-the-Wall

Leap Day only happens once every 4 years – so do something to make it memorable!  Ask your kids for fun ideas – walk backwards for the day, speak in a secret language, have dessert after breakfast or leap over/’skip’ all the regular things for the day and just spend some time together.


Fun Books about Leap Year

“Leap Day” by Wendy Mass (for MS/HS teens)

Josie celebrates her 16th birthday on Feb. 29th with a lot on her mind:  tryouts for the school play, testing for her driver’s license and boys.


“Leopold’s Long Awaited Leap Year Birthday” by Dawn Desjardins (for ages 3 – 8)

Leopold waits for his first birthday but it seems to take a long time!


“It’s My Birthday – Finally!” by Michelle Whitaker-Winfrey (for ages 8 – 12)

Miles is ready to celebrate his birthday on February 29th – but he’s confused.  Will he be turning 8 years old or 2 years old?


Play ‘Leap’ Games

Kids will enjoy playing games that include leaping and jumping:

  • Hopscotch
  • Leap Frog
  • Jump rope


Learn About Leap Day

Find out which famous people in history were born on a Leap Day, along with superstitions and traditions that are celebrated.