Halloween Charades Game {w/free printable cards!}

Both kids & adults with enjoy this Halloween Charades Game with free printable cards!

Whether it's time for a family gathering, class party or just something fun to do on the weekend, we love quick & easy holiday-themed games.

One of our favorites is playing charades!

Our Holiday Winter Games charades game was the first in this series.

Today we're sharing a fun one for Halloween -- free to print, easy to play and perfect for thinking on your feet!


Halloween Charades Game with Free Cards

I'm not sure what's more fun during a game of charades, watching the person who's trying to act out the item on the card or listening to all the crazy guesses from the rest of the players!

Plus, I LOVE the fact that it's a "get off the couch" type of game -- so perfect if your kids have a little too much energy (or maybe ate one to many pieces of candy corn this week ;)

We've included a set of FREE charades cards for you, directions on how to play and affiliate links to a few items we used to prepare our game at home.


Halloween charades game with word list and printable clues

How to Play Charades

A quick refresher for how to play charades:

  • Each player chooses a slip with a Halloween-themed word on it (we like to put ours in a plastic pumpkin -- plus you can add in a few other items like spider rings or vampire teeth to keep everyone on their toes ;)
  • Without saying the word or talking, the player must act out  the word for others to guess.
  • Whoever guesses the item correctly earns the next turn to choose a word!


To prep the game:

  • Grab your set of Halloween Charade cards below
  • Cut out each of the clues

It's not really competitive -- just more of a "have fun!" type of game.

If you want to be sure everyone gets a turn, just allow each player to choose a card instead of allowing the person who guesses the item to take the next turn.


Halloween Charades Word List

We wanted to include some traditional items as clues along with other activities that might be a little harder to act out or guess.

Plus, I wanted to be sure the game included fun items for kids from preschool age through teens too.

Have you ever tried to act like a pumpkin??!!

Seriously, what does a pumpkin do exactly?

'Dancing to Thriller' is one of my favorites for the game!  Big time fun to teach kids this dance if they haven't heard of it (especially tweens & teens).

And watching someone act out 'walking through a spider's web' - classic fun!


Here are the clues you'll find in the set of Halloween Charade cards:

  • A ghost
  • Frankenstein
  • Dracula
  • A pumpkin
  • Visiting a haunted house
  • Bats flying at night
  • Going trick or treating
  • Dancing to "Thriller" (one of my faves!)
  • Carving a jack o'lantern
  • Walking through a graveyard
  • Putting on a costume
  • A mummy
  • Avoiding a black cat from crossing your path
  • Walking into a spider web
  • A skeleton
  • A witch flying on a broom

The game is perfect for classroom parties, Halloween gatherings or family fun time!



Print off your set of Halloween Charades and have some fun this week!


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