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Can You Dye Brown Eggs: An Unexpected Science Experiment

Can you dye brown eggs for Easter? Thanks to my not-so-quick thinking last Easter, we were treated to an unexpected science experiment.

During my grocery run the week before Easter, I had eggs on my list (of course ;) 

Plus a few more fun items I still wanted to tuck into the baskets!

Well, I guess everyone else who visited Target had eggs on their list too because when I got to the dairy department, there were only brown eggs left on the shelves.

Being the "get in and out quick" type of shopper I am, I quickly scooped up a carton of brown eggs knowing that I had a few things I would be baking that week....

.... and not even thinking about the fact that we dye Easter eggs every year (duh!)

So, home I go and begin to unpack the groceries, when my daughter nearly falls over ...

"Mom!  The eggs are brown?!!!"

So I remind her that yes, eggs come in two colors -- white & brown.

"But can we dye brown eggs?!"

Huh, I really had no idea -- and thus our science experiment began ....

How to Dye Brown Eggs - Easter Science Experiment

Can You Color Brown Eggs for Easter?

Luckily, we had a few white eggs in the fridge from the last shopping trip!

This was perfect because we wanted to be able to compare how well the dying technique would work with both egg colors.


Can you dye Brown Eggs for Easter?

We didn't use anything fancy for dying -- just the regular food coloring/water/vinegar mixture that you find on the food coloring package.

My daughter chose two colors:  a pinkish dye that she mixed herself and the light aqua blue.

I decided to add in a dark green (since I'm a nature gal ;)


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How can you dye brown eggs?

First attempt:  We placed both eggs in the dark green dye for 3 minutes and let them sit.

Result:  Once they were removed, you can see that the green dye DOES work on the brown egg!

I was actually a little surprised at this.

Plus, I think the green dye looks more uniform on the brown egg vs. the white egg -- you can see quite a few white spots showing through which I'm sure we could hide if we let it sit in the dye longer or put it in for a second dunk.  And I love the deeper green look on the brown egg :)


Is it possible to dye brown eggs?

Second attempt:  My daughter decided to dye the eggs with the light aqua on the top and the pinkish color on the bottom.  Again, we left the eggs in the dye for about 3 minutes.

Result:  Bleah! 

Definately not the results we wanted :(

Neither color showed on the brown egg -- just some light streaks of dull colored water.

Even the white egg should be left in longer for the light aqua to show up better.  The pinkish color shows up nicely but still with some white spots.


So, can you color brown eggs using food coloring?

Yes, you can!

They probably won't look very spring-like in their color (I would suggest a dark green, deep red or midnight blue), but you can still enjoy an egg dying session with the kids!

You might also try experimenting with a mixture using more vinegar and food coloring to see if it results in a deeper color.


dying brown eggs

My friend Kristen at Busy Kids, Happy Mom also ran into the issue of only having brown eggs but she used a different technique to dye brown eggs so be sure to pop over and see how pretty their eggs turned out!



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Phyllis Bergenholtz on Tuesday, 31 March 2015 14:16

What a great post! This is one of my very favorite blogs to visit.

What a great post! This is one of my very favorite blogs to visit.
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