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Well, we're getting another winter storm tonight.  Obviously the cold weather is going to hold on a little longer.  So instead of shaking my head, I thought I would embrace the idea of winter with a few fun ideas that were shared at last week's Discover & Explore linky.

Arctic Books & Crafts for Kids

Arctic Books & Crafts for Kids

Last week, we highlighted some great non-fiction books about polar animals.  Since we had some really fun crafts shared on the linky, I thought we could pair each of those activities with a great craft for the kids.

So here's our "Read This, Make That" Artic Edition --  we've included links to each of the projects along with affiliate links for each of the recommended books for your information and convenience.


Puffins are one of the less talked about arctic animals so I was thrilled that we had a craft to share for the.  Read Puffin Peter and then make your own puffin mask from Creative Family Fun.


Enjoy the classic story, Owl Babies and then create a beautiful snowy owl collage from Everyday Smilestones.


Now just so you know that we know, penguins don't live in the Arctic -- they reside in the Antarctic -- but they were too darn cute to leave out of the mix!  We love Penguin and Pinecone and these adorable thumbprint pengins from Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails go perfectly with the story!


Create a beautiful polar habitat diorama from Still Playing School for the polar bears and then read Polar Bear Night.


And the kids will love making their own arctic snow dough small world like the one at Crayon Box Chronicles and then read Way Up in the Arctic.


Thanks to everyone who shared their ideas!   Here's the list for the upcoming themes --next week we'll be celebrating the Olympic Games.




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