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20 Printable Christmas Games and Activities

Enjoy these fun printable Christmas Games and Activities over the holidays!

Christmas is right around the corner — and while that means a busier schedule for all us parents, it also means days off and more open time for kids — it’s also the perfect time to enjoy some quick & easy free printable Christmas activities and games!

Today’s activities can be used at family gatherings, as a fun way to keep kids busy or for family time together (woo-hoo!)

We’ve rounded-up an awesome list of printable Christmas games and activities that will keep everyone (kids & adults!) entertained and are perfect for the coming weeks!

 Printable Christmas games for kids and adults - charades, mad libs, holiday BINGO and more!

20 Printable Christmas Games & Activities

These fun & easy Christmas games and activities are perfect for family dinners, holiday fun and winter break!

Print a few off to take to family gatherings, use during classroom parties or have on hand for those long, cold stuck-inside days. 

We even have ideas for holiday road trips too.

And as a bonus — most of them are FREE too!  We’ve also included affiliate links to a few items that will help extend the life of your printable if you want to keep them on hand for next year!


Tips for Using Printable Christmas Games

Activities such as scavenger hunts, Christmas mad libs, etc can be printed on regular white printer paper.  The majority of the printables are colorized versions however, you can print some (such as charade cards and ‘Would you Rather’ questions in black & white.

If you’d like to re-use the games, we suggest printing on white cardstock paper for a more sturdy & long-lasting activity.  You can also laminte some items (such as the BINGO games and charade cards) using a thermal laminator machine (quick & easy to do!) so they will stand up to many hours of play!

For a holiday theme, we also suggest putting items such as charade cards and ‘Would you Rather’ questions into a stocking for each player to choose during the game.


Fun Printable Christmas Games for Kids & Adults

Getting everyone together always calls for a game or two — and these are perfect for multi-generational fun!

Christmas Game: What’s the Lyrics?! || Edventures with Kids

Christmas Eve Scavenger Hunt for Kids || Edventures with Kids

Christmas Charades & Pictionary Games || Edventures with Kids

Would You Rather Christmas Edition Game for Families || Kitchen Counter Chronicles

Christmas Decoration (or Lights) Scavenger Hunt || Edventures with Kids

Santa’s Name Around the World game || Edventures with Kids

And TONS of ideas for Christmas BINGO game cards —

DIY Christmas BINGO Game || Artsy Fartsy Mama

Printable Christmas Music BINGO || Sunny Day Family

The Cutest Free Christmas BINGO Cards || One Creative Mommy

PLUS this Winter-themed Chardes game too!


Free printable Christmas games and learning activities for kids

FREE Printable Christmas Activities

Kids will LOVE these FREE printable holiday-themed activities that are not only fun but also the perfect way to keep those minds thinking over the long break!  Or use them for class parties or holiday activities!

Christmas Geography Challenge || Edventures with Kids

Christmas Activity Book || Kiddy Charts

Christmas Sink or Float Science Experiment || Edventures with Kids

Christmas Mad Libs Printable || Happiness is Homemade

Gingerbread Math Scavenger Hunt || Edventures with Kids


Christmas I Spy Game Printable || Simple Fun for Kids

Count & Graph Christmas Maths Activity || School Time Snippets

Holiday Coupons for Kids || Edventures with Kids

PLUS Online learning ideas with a Christmas theme — 14 Online Christmas Games & Activities!

Another great way to keep kids busy for a LONG time is to pull out a big roll of white kraft paper along with a bunch of colored pencils and have them draw a HUGE winter scene!


Holiday Road Trip Games to Print & Play

And just in case you’re traveling for the holidays, whether it’s to Grandma’s house for Christmas dinner or across the country to see far-flung family, print off some fun and easy printable road trip games and activities to keep kids busy in the car!

First, be sure to visit our 40+ FREE printable Car Games & Activities post!

And many of the above games — like Would Your Rather?, Mad Libs and BINGO — are perfect for long car rides too!

Here are a few others that will keep kids busy on a road trip:

Free printable License Plate Game || Edventures with Kids

Printable Road Trip BINGO Cards || WonderMom Wannabe

No Prep Game for Kids: Dots & Lines || Kids Minds

Write a Letter to Santa stationary || Edventures with Kids

Christmas Decorations Scavenger Hunt (look out the window & find these!)

And check out these 15 Printable Road Trip Activities too!


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