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29 Ways to Have Fun with Your Kids this Winter

Those long, cold days of winter can give us all a little cabin fever so push aside all those ‘must do’s’ and just have some fun with your kids.

It’s amazing how many ideas and activities we parents think of as ‘regular things’ are super cool to our kids! 

Helping them to build a fort, putting a new twist on an old activity (like mini-snowmen) or just making them feel special is something only parents can do and Winter days are the perfect time to pull out our creative ideas and spice things up a bit.


29 Ways to have fun this Winter

How to Have Fun with Your Kids this Winter

Put on your thinking cap and hark back to the days when you were a kid — what did you love about winter?

Hot cocoa with marshmallows?

Staying in your pj’s all day because no one wanted to go out in the cold?

Finding the biggest sledding hill in your neighborhood?!

We’re including ideas for indoor activities and outdoor fun along with a few affiliate links for items we love to have on hand.  Here are a few ideas to get you started —


1.  Put a blanket in the dryer right before bed so it will be toasty warm. 

My kids just love this! 

Nothing helps them get to sleep quicker than a warm blankie.  Works great with scarves, mittens and socks too before you head outside to play.


2.  Try a New Drink

Add flavored extract (such as vanilla and almond), cinnamon or other spices to a warm glass of milk. Or look up a recipe for a ‘new’ type of hot cocoa to make!


3.  Teach Your Kids to make Paper Snowflakes

A classic winter craft, paper snowflakes are easy to make and such a creative activity!



4.  Have an ‘Island Day’!

Put on some shorts & t-shirts and celebrate island-style complete with these Island-themed snack, book & movie ideas!  For some bonus fun, find an indoor pool and take them swimming too!


5.  Try Some Winter Science

Enjoy a chilly science —



6.  Go Explore a Local Museum for the Afternoon

Try these 5 Tips for a Fun Museum Visit along with ideas for crafts & activities to do once you return home.  Look for a new place you haven’t yet visited for some extra adventure!


7.  Make S’mores in the Microwave! 

Place some mini-marshmallows and chocolate chips on half a graham cracker.  Microwave for 12 – 18 seconds (watch for marshmallows to puff up) and then top with the other half of graham cracker.  YUM!


8.  Build a Pillow Fort

This is a great engineering activity!  Grab all the pillows in the house and build a fort in the living room.  Then grab a flashlight and read a book together in the fort.

Or better yet, take out the tent and have an indoor camping day!


9.  Bake Something Fun Together

Make some favorite cookies or try a new recipe like a Baked Alaska.  You can also learn some science by making ice cream sodas too!


10.  Stargaze on a Clear Evening

The stars can be viewed earlier in the evening and you’ll see different constellations than during the summer months.  Then recreate the constellations with this fun glow-in-the-dark star kit!  These things work for years!


11.  Help Kids ‘wish in’ a Snowday! 

Yes, it may ruin your plans but kids LIVE for snowdays.  Try a few of these myths:

  • Place a teaspoon on your windowsill before bed.
  • Flush an ice cube down the toilet.
  • Have the kids put on their pj’s and dance around the room.



12.  Make Your Own Sledding Hill

Another great engineering opportunity — Grab a few shovels and make the biggest sledding hill you can right in your yard! (Also great exercise 🙂


13.  If you have any snow, freeze a few snowballs to save for a summer day.

Then enjoy a snowball fight in 90 degree weather!


14.  Make a bird feeder

Try this simple bird feeder that you can easily make at home.  Then sit at the window and watch the birds pig out!


15.  Create a secret code and write each other notes

 Kids love these types of ‘new to them’ ideas! Try one of these easy secret codes that even young kids can learn quickly.

And if your kids are mini-sleuths, try this Fingerprint Science activity too!


16.  Celebrate ‘Read in the Bathtub’ Day on Feb. 9th.

Use waterproof books if the kids want to take them in the tub or grab one of these 50 Best Books To Read Aloud & read to them while they bathe. 



17.  Make teeny, tiny Snowmen

Use mini-carrotts for the nose and make them do funny things (like ride on the swing or go down the slide).


18.  Have a Tea-tasting Party

Break out the good china!  Or maybe just one of these adorable kid-sized tea sets and enjoy some quiet time together. Try flavored teas such as vanilla, almond, cinnamon, peppermint or chai. 


19. Take a Winter Hike

Go for a walk on the trails and see if you can spy any animals.  Take along with free printable Animal Observation Journal to track your findings!


20.  February 10th is Umbrella Day

Take a walk with the umbrella, just because…

And read one of these fun books about umbrellas too!


21.  Be a Shutterbug

Take a camera outside and capture some ‘snow shadow’ photos or animals in winter – see how artistic your kids can be!


22.  February 13th is Get a Different Name Day

Ask the kids to rename themselves and then call them by their new name all day.


23.  Watch the penguins together

Even if you can’t travel to the south pole, you can still watch these cute guys on the live penguin web cam!



24.  Make an Ice Wreath!

Visit The Artful Parent for details on how to create one!


25.  Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day on Feb. 17th

Show them how to do something nice for someone (hold open a door, put money in a parking meter, shovel a neighbors walkway).


26.  Bundle up and Head to the Playground

You’ll probably have the place all to yourself.  Swing and slide in the snow if you have too.  Take along this Free Playground Scavenger Hunt and see how many types of things you can do with your kids!


27.  Go Ice-skating Together

Even if you haven’t skated since you were a kid, they will love trying to navigate the ice with you!


28.  Stay Cozy on the Run

Keep a blanket in the car so they can cuddle up going to/from school.  And if you’re running errands, make some hot cocoa to take with you in a classic thermos (check the temperature before you pour it into their travel cups).



29.  Build a Box Fort

Create their own private reading nook for the day by decorating a large box and filling it with pillows & books!  Just hand over some stickers & markers and I promise they’ll be busy for hours!


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