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Celebrate Fun Days in June

Kids love to celebrate!  So check out this list of holidays and out-of-the-ordinary fun days and plan something special with your child.

June 13th – National Juggling Day

Teach the kids how to juggle!  All kids are fascinated by this talent, but it takes some practice.  Try with two objects, something soft like beanbags or even something light-weight like scarfs will help them to have some early successes!  Kids learn coordination, balance, rhythm and more.  Here’s a fun tutorial on how to juggle.

June 14th – Flag Day

Show your child how to fold a flag and talk to them about flag etiquette I can remember learning this in elementary school and still remember it – probably because the lesson came from our Principal in groups of 4 students, so we all felt really special to be doing something so ‘grown up’ with him.

June 17th – Father’s Day

Spend the day doing something nice for Dad!  Cook him dinner, clean the yard without him asking, read him a story or just let him relax and watch his favorite movie (you can make him popcorn for that)!  There are more fun ideas to help Dad celebrate on our Pinterest board.

June 18th – International Picnic Day

Choose a place you’ve never visited, a favorite picnic spot or set up in the family room.  Let the kids choose the menu and help pack the basket.  Oh, and don’t forget the watermelon or homemade cookies – what’s a picnic without a fun treat!

June 21st – Summer Officially Begins

Do something summery – have a frozen treat, run under the sprinkler or head to the pool, or maybe even the beach?!  Here are some fun beach reads to kick summer off right!

June 25th – Eric Carle’s Birthday

Do some fun art the Eric Carle way with your kids today.  Carle’s illustrations are so colorful and creative – here’s how kids can learn to create art like Mr. Carle.

June 26th – Toothbrush was Invented

Check up on your kids brushing habits.  Are they brushing twice a day?  Do they use small circles and brush ALL their teeth (not just the ones they can see)?  And if they’re old enough to floss, make sure they know how to do that also.  Having a hard time convincing kids to brush?  Try one of these videos, games, books or puzzles as an incentive.

June 29th – Camera Day

Get out and take a few photos – kids love using a camera!  Here are a few tips from about kids and photography.  You might try an app like Instagram or Camera WOW! on your smart phone so kids can also have fun editing the photos.