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15 FUN Indoor Camping Activities for Kids

FUN Indoor Camping activities for kids – great ideas for bad weather days!

When I mentioned in our Family Camping Adventures post that “I don’t do tents“, I guess I should have been more specific. I’m not a big tent fan if we’re staying outside, but I love a tent for indoor camping!

We loved having indoor camp-outs when the kids were younger.  Heck, setting up a tent or making a fort at any age is a great time 🙂

Fun ideas for indoor camping - activities for sleep-overs, family camping and school break ideas! 

Indoor Camping Ideas

The way I see it, you need 6 things for an amazing indoor camping session: 

  • a tent,
  • something comfy to sleep on,
  • flashlights,
  • a campfire,
  • fun activities to keep you busy
  • and s’mores. 

{You do not need bugs, which is why camping inside is much more fun!}

Take a peek at some of the fun ideas & awesome items you can use for your own indoor camping adventure!  We’ve included affiliate links for things that you might want to add to your pretend play arsenal so a quick camp-in will be more likely to happen.

And take it from a seasoned ‘indoor’ camper — setting up a campsite for the kids will keep them busy for HOURS!  It’s a great activity for a long weekend or to do on school breaks.


A Tent & a Campfire (Inside!)

Plan for a fun Indoor Camping Party with kids

The Stay at Home Mom Survival Guide shows us that a small or kid-size tent is perfect for camping out in the living room. And she shows you how to make your own ‘campfire’ with the kids too!

If you don’t have a tent, try this Pacific Play Tent which is easy to set up & perfect for both indoor or outdoor use!

We also love to have fun pretend play items on hand like this adorable Learning Resources Sprouts Camp Out! set  which includes a pretend campfire, lantern and play food to roast over your campfire!


Activities for Indoor Camping

It’s always good to have some fun activities to do on the campout. 


Plan for a fun Indoor Camping Adventure with kids

Bring Nature Inside for Your Camping

  • These beautiful Nature Weavings from Craftiments are the perfect way to introduce some nature into your indoor fun. Just send kids outside with a paper bag or basket and have them gather the materials they’ll need (bonus: fresh air for a little while!)
  • Use this FREE printable Animal Observation Journal as an “out the window” activity during your camp-out!
  • Make these beautiful Zentangle Rock craft as a fun and easy activity!


Plan for a fun Indoor Camping Adventure with kids

Indoor S’mores for your Camp-out

In my opinion, what’s a camp-out without s’mores??!! Did you know that you can make them in inside too?  All Things Beautiful shows us how to make s’mores in the oven — who needs a stick!


Plan for a fun Indoor Camping Adventure with kids

Flashlight Activities for Indoor Camping

Grab those flashlights for some great camping activities! Or another great alternative to flashlights that also make it a very ‘campy’ feel is to use a Camping Lantern (that doubles as a star show!) for some fun in the dark!

  • Start with fun reading time in the tent — Fun-a-day has a perfect set-up for some indoor camping activities! 
  • Play flashlight tag inside with the lights off.
  • Play a game of I-spy using a flashlight.
  • Make shadow puppets and tell stories
  • And here’s a few of our favorite our favorite camping books if you’re looking for some fun reads!

Kids books about camping

Sleeping at an Indoor Campout

And when it’s time to go to bed, make sure and grab those sleeping bags ! We love the idea of sleeping near the fireplace, in the living room or on a screened-in porch (if the weather allows)!


Indoor Camping in the living room -- fun idea for bad weather

 Look What Mom Found reminds us that whether you spend the night in the living room or in your own bed, a sleeping bag makes it feel more like camping 🙂



things to do when the kids are stuck inside

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Plan for a fun Indoor Camping Adventure with kids