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Planning a family movie night?  Looking for a great film for the kids?  Read the book and see the movie.  Then use our Book to Movie Guide for a great discussion.


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Sarah, Plain and Tall

Movie Rating: G

View Slides of Maine & Kansas

Discussion Questions & Topics




A Series of Unfortunate Events

Movie Rating: PG

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Activity Book





The Secret Garden

Movie Rating: G

Free Audio Book

Gardening for Kids





Movie Rating: G

Crossword Puzzle

Website for the Shredderman Series





The Sign of the Beaver

Movie Rating: PG

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The Snow Queen

Movie Rating: G

Make Beautiful Snowflakes

Online Storybook





Movie Rating: PG





Spiderwick Chronicles

Movie Rating: PG

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Write Your Own Folklore




Stuart Little

Movie Rating: G

Online game from Sony Pictures

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Summer of the Monkeys

Movie Rating: G

Learn about Chimpanzees




Swiss Family Robinson

Movie Rating: G

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