Recommended for:  Ages 6 - 10

What We Like: Each issue is focused around a theme, and helps to answer all those questions that kids love to 'ask'!  Also a great balance of text and pictures on each page.

Things to Know:  9 issues per year; check your local library to see if they subscribe.




Recommended for:  Ages 3 - 7

What We Like:  The magazine focuses on science, nature and the environment.  It introduces kids to current topics and issues through the use of stories and activities.

Things to Know: 9 issues per year; may also be used in some classrooms.


Kids Discover


Recommended for:  Ages 6 - 12

What We Like:  One of our favorite magazines! Each issue focuses in-depth on a science or social studies topic, engaging readers by using great photos, illustrations and interactive content.

Things to Know: 12 issues per year; sometimes difficult to find at libraries.


Ranger Rick


Recommended for:  Ages 7 - 12

What We Like:  Issues teach children about nature, helping the environment and outdoor adventure.  Includes photos, puzzles, activities and great facts about animals.

Things to Know:  10 issues per year, and has online version with monthly activities, parent and teacher sections and sneak previews for upcoming month.


 Wild Animal Baby


Recommended for:  Ages 1 - 3

What We Like:  Introduces babies and toddlers to the world of animals using stories, fingerplays and colorful photos.  We love the details of the close-up pictures!

Things to Know:  10 issues per year; may be difficult to find at libraries or news stands.


Your Big Backyard


Recommended for:  Ages 3 - 7

What We Like:  More than just animals that you'll find in your own backyard - this publication features all types of animals!  Games, poems, stories and activities teach kids about nature.

Things to Know:  10 issues per year.


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