Early Chapter books are meant for readers who have mastered the easy reader levels but are not quite ready for full chapters.  Shorter chapters, and often featuring pictures, appeal to younger readers.


The A - Z Mystery series

Dirk, Josh and Ruth Rose follow clues, ask questions and solve crimes!  Kids will love these pint-size detectives and the various mysteries they get involved with while on vacation, at camp or exploring new places.


Geronimo Stilton & Thea Stilton series

With amazing color text and pictures on every page, these books are a sure hit with almost any kid!  Geronimo and Thea each have a series of their own, and solve mysteries in their 'mouse world'.  Many books have maps and extra activities.


Nancy Drew Clue Crew series

Nancy and her friends love finding clues, and the content of these mysteries are geared more towards the younger reader than the original Nancy Drew series.  Start your sleuth off with the Clue Crew, and as they become a stronger reader, they can move up to the original Nancy Drew novels.


Calendar Club Mystery series

This series has a mystery for each month, many of them focused on a specific holiday.  Very short chapters help early readers to feel accomplished with these quick reads!


Jigsaw Jones

Jigsaw and his best friend Mila are 2nd graders who love to solve mysteries.  Friends and family seek our their services when something or someone goes missing.  Fun reads!


Cam Jansen series

If your child loved the easy reader books "Young Cam Jansen", than they will be thrilled to know there's another set of Cam Mysteries.  Nicknamed after a 'camera' because of her photographic memory, kids love learning how Cam recalls clues and solves a case.  Lots of life lessons appear throughout the books (things like honesty, being fair, etc.).  Kids also get to test their own 'detective' skills and recall as they read.


Something Queer series

Jill and Gwen, with the help of Jill's dog Fletcher, recognize odd things which lead them to solving various mysteries.  An older series, but highly enjoyable -- check your library for copies as many retail stores may not carry the books.