"Paul Bunyan" by Steven Kellogg

One of America's most famous tall-tale heros, read about Paul Bunyan and how he helped 'shape' this country.


"The Seven Chinese Sisters" by Kathy Tucker

"The Seven Chinese Brothers" by Margaret Mahy

Both of these books have 7 siblings, each with a special talent, and all willing to help the others.


"Rumpelstiltskin" by Paul O. Zelinsky

 Besides having so much fun saying the name, this is a timeless story that is loved by so many children.  Mr. Zelinsky's drawings give it a wonderfully historic feel.


"The Quiltmaker's Journey" by Jeff Brumbeau

The story of a rich girl who discovers how difficult and cruel life can be for some.  Finding her strength, she decides to help others - a beautiful read!


"It Could Always Be Worse" by Margot Zemach

A yiddish folk tale about a poor man who's life goes from bad to worse when he seeks out advice - great life lesson!