Fairy Tales with a Twist 


Although well known, your kids may not recognize the traditional tales in these uniquely told versions.  Using humor, adventure and courage, each author charms and engages the reader.  "The Paper Bag Princess" is a must-read for every little girl, while "The Quiltmaker's Gift" is a wonderful lesson for all.  If you kids like humor, "Falling for Rapunzel" along with "And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon" are sure to please!


Fractured Fairy Tales



A wonderfully amusing booklist featuring humorous retellings of famous fairy tales!  Compiled by Johnson County Librarians.


Folktales from Around the World


Kids will love hearing these folktales from different countries.  Stories that are passed down through generations help to teach customs and values, and each tale has a great lesson to learn.  In addition, the beautiful pictures in each book add a special touch to each of the stories.